Code is Different Than Instructions

Instructions say to look for certain lines in the server_cleanup.fsm and scripts.txt files. Only problem is, those lines don't exist in the files I have.

Any ideas? I would really like to install this mod.

I'm running a Survival Servers DayZ Epoch server on Napf, if that helps or means anything.

Thanks in advance.
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Well, you are running epoch and the instructions are probably for dayz. The issue in the server_cleanup.fsm file is that in dayz vehicles and players will get deleted with the 'killed a hacker' message. In Epoch it uses this function right here which is very similiar. I believe this is pulled from Sheeps epoch repack and you can see it is already testing for "Sarge" ... thats what you want yours to look like.

server_checkHackers = {
    if (DZE_DYN_AntiStuck2nd > 3) then { DZE_DYN_HackerCheck = nil; DZE_DYN_AntiStuck2nd = 0; };
    if(!isNil "DZE_DYN_HackerCheck") exitWith {  DZE_DYN_AntiStuck2nd = DZE_DYN_AntiStuck2nd + 1;};
    DZE_DYN_HackerCheck = true;
    if (!((isNil "_x") || {(isNull _x)})) then {
        if(vehicle _x != _x && !(vehicle _x in PVDZE_serverObjectMonitor) && (isPlayer _x)  && !((typeOf vehicle _x) in DZE_safeVehicle) && (vehicle _x getVariable ["MalSar",0] !=1) && (vehicle _x getVariable ["Sarge",0] !=1) && (vehicle _x getVariable ["Mission",0] !=1)) then {
            diag_log ("CLEANUP: KILLING A HACKER " + (name _x) + " " + str(_x) + " IN " + (typeOf vehicle _x));
            (vehicle _x) setDamage 1;
            _x setDamage 1;
            sleep 0.25;
Scripts.txt ... I really dont know anything about Battleye filters as I just delete them and dont use any. But same thing probably goes here. If there is no line to add an exception to, then that means players aren't going to be getting kicked for it.