Configuring AI Vehicle Patrols (A better example)

Discussion in 'Support & Release' started by Buttface, Nov 26, 2014.

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    I realized too late that the example given in 2.1.3 and earlier versions isn't very clear about how to add multiple vehicle types. So, here is the better example that is used in DZAI 2.2.0 experimental:

    Air patrols:

    DZAI_heliList = [
    Land patrols:

    DZAI_vehList = [
    As usual with arrays, the last item has no comma at the end. Tip for remembering: when writing lists in plain English, you don't put commas at the end of the list, for example, this would look extremely odd:

    For people familiar with DayZ Epoch's dynamic vehicle list, it's basically the same format.

    Hopefully this solves any confusion about configuring AI patrols.

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