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I see a lot of overwatch servers with some extra's including:

200+ vehicles
40+ Choppers
Auto refuel

I also want to add a HALO drop when players initial spawn in oer or respawn after killed, dropping from a huge hieght.


how do you add this to a custom server?

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Hey Trigga.

1st of all i am suppriced that no one sins this post has given you the awnser on your question.
to be honest this is the most easest thing you can script on a custom dayz server.

about the vehicles and choppers together i can tell you this. Inside you init.sqf file you can define how many vehicles you want to have spwn on your map. the choice of what kinda vehicle is random.

you can chance this on the following way.

1 = you can go to your Dynamic_vehicle.sqf.

in here you find all vehicles the games chooses out witch one to spawn. if you take out some road vehicles and add some more helicopters.. automaticly you will see a chance on your map.

2= you can make the list in Dynamic Vehicles longer by adding extra choppers and then make some extra spawn points together through your database.
as this is more indept and it would be to long to explain i advice you to go to google and search for "Custom spawn points dynamic vehicles"


now about your question.

1= go to your game files
2= go to your MPmission map if needed UnPbo the map you have in use.
[ you dont have to have your MpMaps PBo'd but some ppl do it.. i gues cause of there host.. but we dont ]

3= open your " Init.sqf " and find this area
spawnShoremode = 0; // Default = 1 (on shore)
spawnArea= 2500; // Default = 1500
MaxVehicleLimit = 350; // Default = 50 <<<<<<
MaxDynamicDebris = 50;
dayz_MapArea = 14000; // Default = 10000
dayz_maxLocalZombies = 75; // Default = 30

4= were you see the <<<<< is the option for more or less spawn vehicles. for me its standing on 350... you can add this up even higher if you want more vehicles to spawn on the map.

Dont pay attention to the max zombies.. cause that aint working for shit even is you chance it.

Now about your helo drop..

1st i do not recommand to use this option.. as it will annoy the hell out of your players.. specialy those that die a lot. it can even cause of a reduse in your player database. so be cautions on this one.

1= in that same init.sqf file find the line " dayz_paraSpawn = false; "

Change the False to True.. and then everytime you die you will spawn back in the air.

TIP = if you want a para jump.. i recommand you to use a system called. "Player Spawn Point choose" there are some mod around were players can choose weather yes or not to helo jump in the map.

always better to let the players choose there gameplay.



okey on top of that ill give you some more lines for your Init.sqf file you can add.

dont worrie ^^ they all work

Just copy and past them in and you will see in the discription what it is " // Discription "


spawnShoremode = 0; // 0 = You can spwn everywere -- 1 = You will spwn south at shore
spawnArea= 2500; // The Radius of spawn area [ spawnpoints are static this is the radius ]
MaxVehicleLimit = 350; // The Max amount of spawn vehicles on server restart
MaxDynamicDebris = 50; // The Max amount of debris on server restart
dayz_MapArea = 14000; // The radius of Radiation zone around the map [ higher nr means further ]
dayz_maxLocalZombies = 75; // Default = 30 [ Max local zombies in radius of 150 / 200 M ]

dayz_paraSpawn = false; // False = No Para Jump at all -- True = Always Para Jump
dayz_sellDistance_vehicle = 30; // Distance to be of a trader to sell the vehicle
dayz_sellDistance_boat = 40; // Distance to be of a trader to sell the vehicle
dayz_sellDistance_air = 40; // Distance to be of a trader to sell the vehicle
dayz_maxAnimals = 25; // Max Amount of Animals Roaming around [ Near Player 200M ]
dayz_fullMoonNights = true; // Allow full Moonshine [ Nights less intence dark for a short time
dayz_tameDogs = true; // True= you can feed the dog and right his back - False = off
DynamicVehicleDamageLow = 10; // Dynamic Minimal Damage a spawn vehicle has upon spawn 0 = all green
DynamicVehicleDamageHigh = 80; // Dynamic Max Damage a spawn Vehicle has upon spawn [ 100 they blow ]

DZE_BuildOnRoads = false; // The possibility for players to build on roads
DZE_ForceNameTagsInTrader = true; // Force to see al names of player in trade zones
DZE_PlotPole = [250,120]; // Build Radius [ 1st nr = Radius - 2nd nr = Height ]
DZE_buildinglimit = 200; // Limit of Building Items on Plotpool
DZE_PlayerZed = false; // Possibility for player to spawn after death into a zombie
DZE_GodModeBase = true; // Possibility to have ALL buildeble items to be indestructible
DZE_StaticConstructionCount = 1; // Amount of loops to make when building or deconstructing a item
DZE_R3F_WEIGHT = false; // possibility to get overburned when to heavy packed

DZE_SelfTransfuse = true; // This enables the self bloodbag function
DZE_selfTransfuse_Values = [12000, 20, 120]; // Amount, infection chance, cool down(seconds)

DZE_BackpackGuard = true; // This will prevent player to acces your backpack


I hope i have helped you and others with this information. If you want more help you can contact me trough my own server. Even you can take a look on how we scripted in case to get some ideas.. and ofcause to ask me for help is needed.

i have a scripting service against a small fee ofcause ^^
but all questions are alwys free of charge ofcause haha :p
If you interrested to have a look and to see what we can do you are very welcome to.

we are The Gremlins Paradise [ TGP Gaming ]

Main Server port 3302

May the main server go down for any reason.. we also have a back up server ready to be put online containing the same database so players can go on were they left.

Server Backup port 2302

Our Website =
Teamspeak = TGguardians.EnjinVoice.Com


Have fun and may you all build a wonderfull server :)

My Regards

General Gizmo Mc BuckleNuckles
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I am sure Trigga will thank you if he ever returns or even has a server anymore since he posted OVER a year ago.
And he says thanks for the info on how to add vehicles to Epoch, but he said he has OVERWATCH so other than being for the wrong mod and therefore not relevent to the issue, its very good post. Thanks for sharing!

AND by the way, for a halo spawn you can simply select it in the init.sqf for epoch.​

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Hey ShootingBlanks

Haha your welcome..

yeah i was wondering around on threads and stombled on this one.. i thought to still make an reaction on as more ppl probebly come here with the same problem..

atleast they have an explination now ^^

about the epoch / overpoch issue that doesnt matter.. as you prob know overpoch is just epoch with overwatch as an addon. so you can still do it the way i explained.. only if you wanna do it also for the overwatch vehicles you need to manualy add them.

as long the mod is added and the keys is implemented to the server Keys map the dynamic_Vehicle.sqf will reconside them. ;)

and i like that 1st picture you posted haha lol... make me laugh :)


OpenDayZ Guru!
yes your answers are correct for epoch and overpoch but as i said this was a question about OVERWATCH which is not the same ... i know ... everyone uses overpoch now which is ironic since i actually mocked the first person to try it .. like who would want to play that i said .. shows what i know LOL