[WIP] DayZ Categorized Loot XML

This is my customized DayZ Loot table. Which is the Type.xml file. I categorized the file so it would help me to customize my loot spawn faster. This file is untouched and by that i mean that nothing is modified or any other item added. This is what came with server file except that i categorized it to my liking.

the file.
Go to your server directory.
Go to mpmission.
Go to your mission.
Go to db.
Paste the file and replace your type.xml
Always make backup first.

  • Military Clothing
  • Civilian Clothing
  • Tools
  • Weapons
  • You get the point
I will update this when DayZ updates add's more item to the list.
I also want to add at the top the line so we can go to it faster.

Anyway here is the link
Download Here v0.1
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