1. Kovicson

    [UK/EU][RS] Rising Sun DayZ | PvP | High Loot x50!! | x15 Heli | No-Stamina | Loadouts

    [UK/EU][RS] Rising Sun DayZ | PvP | High Loot x50!! | x15 Heli | No-Stamina | Loadouts Community brought back from Arma 2 DayZ Mod! Server name - [EU] RSDAYZ| HIGH LOOT!| PvP/PvE| DISCORD.GG/GJWMtQe| N0 MODS IP - Filter for [RS] in community servers Features - No...
  2. Rexxenexx

    Tip for EZ resetting an item like floating wood piles

    Steps to put wood piles back on the ground : -In events.xml set ItemPlanks "active" variable to 0. -Run the server. Join and check they are gone. -Disconnect. Set "active" back to 1. -Run the server. Join and check if they're on the ground. You can do this for anything including vehicles. Just...
  3. Rexxenexx

    Temp fix for despawning Wire Mesh Barrier and Power Gen

    They're gonna fix this soon because it's just stupid. I'm sure there are other items that despawn way too soon, but for the Wire Mesh Barrier and Power Generator I Just searched, in types.xml, for the classnames "PowerGenerator" and "HescoBox" Then changed their "lifetime" to "3888000" and...
  4. XxFri3ndlyxX

    [WIP] DayZ Categorized Loot XML

    This is my customized DayZ Loot table. Which is the Type.xml file. I categorized the file so it would help me to customize my loot spawn faster. This file is untouched and by that i mean that nothing is modified or any other item added. This is what came with server file except that i...
  5. S

    DayZ 1.8.7 Custom Loot Table Support?

    Hello, curious if there are any active DayZ hosts anymore! Ha, its June 2016 and I am trying to get one up and running for myself and my friends. Problem is we have no real interest in base building and it would be nice to clean up some of that useless loot. Using the original guide on OpenDayZ...