Dayz Epoch Map Merging (Arma 2 Editor)

Hey guys, cant seem to get this sorted. I have my own dayz epoch server and I want to add new buildings. Ive been in to arma2 editor and made some new bases barracks etc, The only problem I have now is I cant seem to merge my existing mission.sqf to the new mission.sqf with the new buildings on it.
If anyone could put an easy to follow step by step guide that would be great, im not very good at this stuff.
Having the same issue, I made a custom map for my server many moons ago with vanilla dayz. Having a hard time getting the process sorted to do the same thing for our new epoch server.


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Ok..... First you make your edits in the editor like you have done...... Then you need to get a file called sqf to server sqf convertor . Then you can call it in the game one of two ways... The first you can make a folder inside the mission.pbo folder called lets say Buildings..... then save the new files lets say newstuff.sqf. Then you go into your init file inside that mission.pbo file you are in right now and call it at the bottom of the file like so.....
[]execVM "Buildings\newstuff.sqf" This is the easiest in my opinion you can also do it from the dayz_server file and if ou prefer this method let me know I can post this for you..
Some one may have a much easier method than that I have no idea and am always willing to learn..
if you have an custom map or any other map you have this file in make sure to call it also.

EXAMPLE = If you sqf file is stored inside a cusom map and then a buildings map like i do. you get this call line

[] ExecVM "custom\buildings\newstuff.sqf";

Extra info..

what i suggest to do is to leave your Init.sqf file alone as much as possible. instead make a file called "Custom.sqf" and then call this line into the init file just above [ below section (progressLoadingScreen 0.4; ) the line were your call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "server_traders,sqf"; is called.

place this file into your custom folder !! then add this line were i just told you

all compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\Custom.sqf";

IN THE COSTUM.SQF you do this

if (!isDedicated) then { ////// AT THE TOP ///////

Then here all the call lines ofcause for all your custom installed mods



That how you can add it easy , quick and you still have a great over vieuw of all you installed when you are debugging


hope it helped


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come take a look ... ill be ready to help if you need it..

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using !isdedicated would run those scripts on the client ... every client.
which means if you have a custom buildings script then you will have multiple copies of those objects.
just to clarify because you do mention buildings although its not entirely clear what kind of scripts you mean although i assume you are talking about addon scripts like deploy bike

all custom building files should be in your dayz_server.pbo