DayZ Escape 0.37


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DAYZ ESCAPE 0.4.1 Changelog!

[NEW] 4 New Military offroads
[NEW] 7 New skins, Ghillie suits
[NEW] Civilian Helicopters
[NEW] Inventory System.. Greatly improved and looks better!

[FIXED] Fresh clothes gone after relog
[FIXED] Some Fresh clothes deleting backpack

[IMPROVED] Electro (Very good loot location)
[IMPROVED] Infection City - Less lag/Smaller

[REMOVED] Infection/foggy view in Infection City

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0.37 DayZ Escape Changelog..
[NEW] Black Huey Helicopter
[NEW] Civilian 4 Person Helicopters
[NEW] Black Humvee
[NEW] Camo Humvee
[NEW] Apocalyptic Military Humvees (mounted guns)
[NEW] Troop Carry Humvee
[NEW] Rare armored truck!
[NEW] Civilian Skins (fresh clothes!!)
[NEW] Military Skins (added another ghillie)

[NEW] Infection City - Holds some of the best loot int the game, but its hard to see in the caves of the city and the infection dwells.. some say it is the origin of the zombies.

[NEW] Gun Crafting system.. find a supply crate and you can use it to attach sights and silencers to your weapon to upgrade and customize it!

[NEW] Military Landrovers - Mounted guns and civilian

[IMPROVED] Spawning system! You now spawn within 1000m of a town and not way up north near debug!

[Fixed] Self Blood
[Fixed] Remove clothes
[Fixed] Lower rain levels

[Removed] Unused vehicles and addons
[Removed] View restriction in helicopters


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We do not have a European server, only a US one for now since thats where the dedi is located :(


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Within the next update or so, got some bugfixes to do with current release so I can't put that on commander yet, but Hopefully soon!