DayZ Escape Client Files!


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Download Client Files..
This update since it is small includes full mod files and the hotfix for the latest update (0.3.7) You will be able to just drag, drop and replace your old files to get new ones. If you feel you might mess something up just download the full one and completely delete the old files!​
Mega - Full | Hotfix
Google Drive - Full | Hotfix
Mediafire - Full | Hotfix
Our servers are set up and ready for players!
We need as many beta testers as possible, so come help us out!


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To install this, just rename the files from @dayzescape to @DayZ and join the servers, it works better that way, and you can join through commander!


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Step by step on how to install without renaming files!

Step 1: Download

Step 2: Put @DayZEscape into your Arma2OA installation folder.

Step3: Rightclick the application "ArmA2OA.exe" click create shortcut.

Step4: Drag shortcut onto desktop, right click and go to properties. Then on the line named "Target" (under shortcut) and after the ending of ArmA2OA.exe" after the " paste
and click apply then when you launch the shortcut it will automatically start dayz escape mod!

Optional Step 5: Rename
Also, Andrew, what are you using for that color of your windows? Looks pretty cool and clean. May you give me information on how to get it or what-so?
Also, here is what I get from doing perfect installation, up to about the part of putting -nosplash -nopause -mod=@DayZEscape; after the "
Says make sure path and target name are correct...


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Post a screenshot in your line, or I can help you out on teamviewer.
but it should look like this ... full line is here (steam install) target
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\ArmA2OA.exe" -mod=@DayZEscape;
Now it just runs to a black screen using the shortcut, and using dayz commander it will end up kicking me... I'll install team viewer, but I have bad experiences with it. You seem trustable though and I hope I can keep that word.