DayZ Escape


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DayZ Escape..


A whole new way to play..

New vehicles styled to DayZ..



Added features and new parts of the map to explore..



Apart from some of the added vehicles, guns and skins..
DayZ Escape was made with one major goal in mind.. Which was do something different and something that takes what the user is used to, take the familiar routes of running and gunning in DayZ and put it all up for grabs and change the way the map is looked at.

We have added some extras such as.. New storage items..


Gun Racks store a lot of extra guns and are easily hidden among the trees..

More unique storage items are included..

But after all the pictures.. What is really new?
Like above, I had an idea to make something different..
More vehicles, like above, custom made for the mod.
New and improved vehicles.
*More character customization
**More Skins
**New Weapons
**More Backpacks
*Reworked Inventory Design
**Based on the backbone of 1.8 the inventory is unique
*More Vehicles
*Tons of custom places on the map.. new towns built from scratch
*New Storage items
**As seen above, the gun rack.. a place to store all the weapons!
**A smaller hidden Storage item and more!
*NPC/AI Guard the island where the best loot in the game is!
*Cars given a breath of new life - Speeds on gravel/dirt roads doubled.. most go about 60mph on gravel roads
*NVGs made more rare but allow you to see the full screen.
* 1st person view only in helicopters to balance them out.
*Emersive dust/wind effects
*New gun sounds and effects
*Reduced Sun Glare
*Advanced weather
*Ocean waves depending on weather
* SMK Animations lite, - Turbo actions (Flip off!)

When I started the mod, I thought of ways on how to make this mod different, I wanted to create something new so I thought of how all mods are run north, find good loot etc. All my memory was coast to north and so I set out to try something new.. I came up with the idea of escape. Your main goal is to get to the southern coast and escape.

**You must escape. You will be spawning in up in the North Eastern part of the map, with the spawning going all the way from 3 valleys to Guba.
**Stay away from the island until properly geared, or your escape will be cut short.

** What is to be expected.. what is in the first release?
This release includes what is all stated above, we put down the backbone and now comes improvement.
*An improved crafting system similar to how you craft currently in DayZ 1.8
*The ability to find silencer kits, camo kits, sight kits and more to improve your gun and change your weapon
*Expansion of this system and a goal to escape.
*End Game features that can't be skipped to
*Footlockers (Storage items with lockable gear.. Hard to obtain)
*Melee weapons
And more!

Included are some popular features from the community such as..
*Self Blood - Hospitals only
*Take Clothes by churchie/zabn
*Lights by Axeman

* A whole new play style on the game.. More to come soon!

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If you guys need a tester...or a few...I'd be glad to participate / help fix any bugs. And i'm sure i've got a few friends who would too :)


This looks excellent and I wish to see it have good times! Will you be releasing the server files on official release? I'll also be down to download the launcher and everything and play and everything on your alpha server!



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To answer questions.. Yes server files will be release on the official launch! I still have some stuff to change in the server files so they wont be ready to be open this release but in future releases they will be posted here and ready for download.


Sounds really great! And will this Alpha build be sorta a public release or a closed / Private alpha build?


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It will be open for anyone to test and friends too, I will release the files here and the server.. If stuff becomes too problimatic I will go closed with future updates or a passworded server.

Hopefully all will go well and it can be open for anyone to join.