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The house building like the one in Origins to go along with the hero/bandit levels would be a huge plus. Honestly, I think it's the best building system to date.
I personally like the Epoch system because you can build as big as a house as you'd like. Then again it can be abused into making sniper towers, which does indeed get annoying. But then again, it's absolutely awesome!


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I agree, I have fallen in love with origins building.. But I have been away from my computer for almost 2 months now! Which sucks and I haven't gotten much done with no access to files/programs. I return to get my computer at the end of the week which will able me to work on stuff again. But before I left I managed to get humanity levels working and I am working on perks/skills for possible bandit/hero levels.
Like the hero might be able to regenerate blood or something like that. I also like the idea of missions/quests and I might do that before I do buildings!


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andrew lost his pc when the mod came out so he was not able to work on it lots. i talked to him last night and he said he might work some more on it.

Chris Atkins

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Ahh. Understandable.

Not really to concerned with it. I enjoyed it while I played it. Unfortunately ArmA II DayZ is a dying breed and I've watched OpenDayZ slowly lose it's community over the past 6 months.'s now a smaller active community.

BTW, thanks for the work you guys did on this. I don't think appreciation is showed as often as it should be and the guys that develop the mods need to know that us users are grateful.