DayZ Private Server Lite

well every time i start it, it eitehr says, cannot connect to mysql database, and now it keeps crashing.

How do i make a new database? or run the mysql, im a total noob at this.

its crashing and saying " error fault module: hiveext.dll"


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Post error code. Simple not executing sql codes, maybe wrong user/pass or etc. You can execute need tables manually. Or reinstall server with correct data to connect mysql.


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Cheers i see its been updated just read the whole Mess with people whinging about beans im staying on 1.7.6 just got to wait for the namalsk guy to update now get the last server back up ive done a full set of rmod filters now aswell gone get it up soon
Thank you so much for this and the clear instructions, I do however get an error when I connect, I get Requesting Authentication in game and if I look at the server I see this error:

2013-02-28 19:46:12 HiveExt: [Error] Error executing |CHILD:103:20650886:any:2:|

Any light on what this issue could be?

Believe it could of been a wrong version on my part - my bad :)


Edit: did get this error however: 20:23:48 HiveExt(0): [Error] Error executing |CHILD:103::<null>:2:|

stapo could you please help me when i open my server i want it to be a internet server not lan so what do i need to do. If i need to forward ports please be specific due to me not being good with computers


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hey Kingkrakr if you haven't solved ur issue drop us an inbox and we will help u out port forwarding is different depending on what modems, routers you are using a common mistake is users thinking this is
something you do on the actual machine you have to login your Router find the port forwarding options and
forward the ports above providing you are using the defaults the the Lan Ip of your machine running the server
So Example my server at the moment is on my Lan its address is so in my port forward settings

i have Port forward 2302 2305 - UDP & TCP

this basically makes those connections available to the internet if you have multiple routers piggybacking each-other it can get slightly more complicated