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Well, from what I understand EPOCH is working on AiA_TP support for their A3 mod, so it will be VERY easy to use SMD Sahrani with that... I'm not sure when, but eventually SMD Sahrani will be the main version of Sahrani on AiA_TP. I think in the next update or two.

That also opens up pretty much open use of the SMD buildings as they're integrated into AiA... so all the terrains will automatically be upgraded with a bunch of our buildings, and even more to come as I do the retextured versions of the Jbad buildings M1lkm8n already did.

I'm getting a lot more of the A3 goodies worked into the buildings and terrain, someone just posted on the BI forums how to get the dust particles working for vehicles, and the sounds for roads which was all that I couldn't figure out.

I played with blending in the BI sea floor textures and clutter, into the oceans and the initial tests worked pretty well... the BI textures aren't that great, I'm going to have to try to get some custom ones that look nicer, and do a more robust blend than then do (they use 2 seafloor textures, I think I'm going to use 4). I also am going to edit the terrain heights underwater so it's more interesting to explore, and add a lot of rocks and corals to the ground there too.

M1lk8n has done a ton of cool caves for Jalalabad that I will prob use for underwater caves.


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Nonov do you consider doing a Mod for sahrani? Similar to the DayZ Mod. Or would you allow mod creators to use shrank?

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I'm going to slowly build mod type features and functionality into the terrain and package most likely. I just don't have enough skill/experience to do a whole MP framework/server architecture w/o obviously copying the DayZ mod model.

The terrain is totally open for use by anyone within the confines of the license, IE no commercial use, or use outside of Arma... that's really the only limit.

As stated, the epoch guys are building in AiA_TP compatibility, so I might just ask them if I can fork it, or I might make addons specifically geared towards working with that? I dunno... currently my focus is getting everything done properly in A3, which will take me quite a while. Then I really want to work on finishing opening the big buildings, and I want to work on customizing the terrain, so personally I don't think I have much/any time to focus on a mod.

I'd be more than happy to help coordinate a new mod/team though.

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So, I've been working on the buildings, and added a ton of AI spawn points which is useful for A2 as well, so I'm going to end up releasing an update to SMD_Sahrani_A2, so I will also update the mod.

I'm not sure if I will actually change or update anything in the mod, but I am toying with the idea of hosting a server or two so that people can check it out. Although tons of players seem to log in and out of servers that don't have active admins.

Just seems a huge shame to me that no one has ever hosted the mod vanilla to show all it's features.

Also DayZ Commander has never updated to the current version, so I don't even know if this one will get updated.

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Got a working build together so all the buildings have the memory points for AI spawning, and I've also added the midrange texture change I just did for A3, it looks MUCH better IMO.

I will now decide whether or not I will add some more features to buildings, or do some terrain fixes, as a few things were pointed out to me that are easier for me to fix in A2 then A3... so I might do that as well.. we'll see.
Hi. Just downloaded 1.5.5 and I'm not able to open any doors. Is that possibly an issue with this AIDoor thing? What would you recommend that I check?

I'm using Arma 2 and also loading in the Epoch mode if that matters. There wasn't a bikey file included (and I'm not sure how to make one) so I just turned off verifySignatures in the config file. I can join my server. Zombies and loot and vehicles are spawning, but I can't open doors.
EDIT: fixed it! Repeated the steps but kept the names as *.SMD_Day7.bisign and renamed the release to that instead of the other way around. Everything seems to be working great. Thanks again for your work on this map. It's by far the most beautiful arma 2 terrain out there.



copy/paste the pbos from there
Ah okay, thank you.

I renamed the old bisign files from *.SMD_Day7.bisign to *.smd_sahrani_a2.bisign and overwrote the 8 files that were duplicated in the new release.

I can't seem to connect to the server now. The UI hangs at "waiting for host." There's nothing strange in either the client or server RPT. They both just stop at:

Updating base class ->Helicopter, by ca\air_d_baf\config.bin/CfgVehicles/BAF_Merlin_HC3_D/

googling that, I see people suggesting adding the "steamport" lines to the cfg file - I already have those, plus, everything works fine without the new release's PBO (except for the doors).

Maybe I shouldn't have use *all* the files from the new release, but just whichever one has buildings in it?
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Yeah, you can't rename bisigns, you should have just added the other bikey to you keys folder. Also, sounds like you downloaded the full package instead of the lite one. there should only be 6 pbos.

I'll sign/release an update to Day7 Sahrani, but honestly if you're running it as Epoch, or overpoch, or anything else, all the work I've done for the mod is just sitting there unused.. you don't get:

- Custom Clothes
- Custom loadout space
- Armored Skins
- 30+ Custom vehicles
- Inventory Crafting
- Custom Zombies
- Customized loot tables
- Random loot spawning with dozens of positions per building
- Camp Destruction (burn storage destroys your own or enemy tents and storage boxes)

lots and lots and lots of other stuff.

If you're going to run it as Epoch, you should just be using the SMD_Sahrani_A2_Lite package, that's the terrain and nothing else, it would save your players and your server space, and likely run a LOT smoother than overwriting the cfgPatches at least twice with all the conflicting definitions in Epoch and Day7.

I'm not sure when I'll have time to do it, maybe today, but maybe not till the weekend.

You should try to contact some of the existing hosts and see what they do, I don't think anyone runs the latest version Sahrani, or Day7 Sahrani.

The DayZ specific updaters have fucked everything up with DotJosh not updating dayz commander, and DayZLauncher getting it's files from God knows where.
That sounds pretty cool. I would definitely like to check it out, especially the vehicles. I mostly like PVE though, so I was trying to set up a server with wickedAI and that only works with Epoch.

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Launch and play it vanilla before you make that assumption. The ONLY valid reason to use EPOCH on top of our mod is for their plotpole/crafting/economy stuff.

Sahrani Zombie spawns quantities, types, etc were ALL designed around PVE. We made it so you'd regret shooting at another player near a city.

The extended camp crafting, zombies, random heli crashes etc, were ALL designed to make it a PVE mod.

That's why you spawn in shorts with only 6/6 primary/secondary slots, the zombies are all region/island specific, and many have head/chest armor values so they're harder to kill.


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Hey Nonov,
you gonna like this... Probably :D.
I want to ask your permission for using the Sahrani Files and fusing them with the modular building System from Epoch. (Gonna need their permission too). Additinally I probably gonna fuse it with Rmod 2.1 aswell... but thats not 100% clear yet.
Would it be alright if I use the Sahrani files in that way? All Non commercial ofc...
I just want the awesomeness of a Vanilla Sahrani Server with the Epic building system from Epoch. And a reworked crafting System for weapons.
I am not a 100% sure about the Epoch part though.... simply because it could be a pain to implement.
screw epoch, gonna rework my own building system.... with blackjack and hookers. Jk gonna use daimyos or smth... maybe just ectend the one of sahrani.

cheers, J3T

If I am not wrong VertHosting is running the latest version of Sahrani
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So, I'm going to setup an Server so people can check it out if they want. I'm working again, and always wanted to rent one from Vert for all their support of the mod. Should be up in a few days.

In the meantime, someone in the Arma forums pointed out some building placement issues, so I went in and fixed those, I'm going to go back through all the threads and be sure I haven't missed anything, then release ANOTHER update for A2/Day7.

Since I will have the server up I might actually do some of the things I wanted to a while back. Not sure though, I have a lot of work to do for CUP, but the mod gives me a nice distraction, and is/has always been my main motivator.

I am 99 percent sure I can make all the BI female models shoot/hold backpacks like the one DayZ Female, so, I'd kind of like to do that, and then hopefully make it so the clothing all over the world can be worn by both men and women. That's kind of an ambitious project, but who knows.


Everything we/I have done is up for anyone to use, except obviously the Vilas addons that we have permission to use.

The building system, and the inventory crafting are both things I'd love to see fleshed out more.


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Just to get this straight. If I would make a mod just for myself I would not need permission from anyone, right?
But once I make it public I would need the permission of the mod maker, right?
What if the Modmaker has gone Inactive, is simple credit giving enough or is it just off limits?

What I would do (once I left this fkn Taipeh Airport with its fkn ATMs and finally arrived back home in se Land of se Germans) is to finish and polish everything the way I would like to have it and then ask for permission before making it public, and if the permission is denied I simply remove the mod content. That should be working right?
The reason for that is that I am probably going to look through hundreds of mods on Amaholic just to see whether they would fit and work out in my mod... or before I go into the hardcoding stuff I gonna ask for permission... I think thats an better Plan.

Sorry for the Brainfarts 30h+ without sleep :D.