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DayZ Sahrani is an unofficial derivative modification of DayZ Mod by Dean Hall and the DayZ Dev Team.

Key Features:

- Unique Fixes/Improvements/DayZ Gameplay Enhancements
- Recolored and Tweaked UI
- ALL Players show backpacks
- Spawn as a Sahrani Citizen in shorts
- Limited inventory for default character 6 Primary/6 Secondary Mag Slots
- Find civilian clothing with pants to increase inventory to 7/7
- Find Ghillie, Camo, "Rocket" or other Standard Clothing to Get "full" inventory
- "Armored" Police/Military Skins that offer Chest or Chest AND Head damage protection
- HARDER Zombies
- MORE Zombies
- More ALERT Zombies
- ARMORED Zombies (WIP)
- Drink Directly From Water source
- Animated Helicopter Crashes with Radio Notifications (radios only found and crash sites)
- Craftable Car bombs (more crafting details below)
- Inventory Crafting COMBINE ITEMS!!!
- ALL Trucks maintain speed offroad
- ALL air vehicles/armed vehicles spawn with no ammo (must be loaded by player)
- Throwable Bricks
- Chop down Tree when harvesting wood
- Build Fire on Wood not Matches
- Light Fire only possible with Matches or Flares in player's inventory
- Burn Storage (Destroy contents and container of your enemies)
- Self Administer Bloodbag (reduced effects 4k blood only chance of loss, bleeding, infection)
- Singleplayer enabled to access Editor Cinematic Package

- Unique Clothing and Vehicles and Population of Zombies
- Sahrani Citizens (Thanks to Icewindo and BI for the A1 MLODs + Custom Yoshi Textures)
- RACS Infantry (Thanks to Vilas for his amazing units + Custom Plisken Textures)
- RSPD (Thanks to Vilas for his amazing units + Custom Plisken Textures)
- US Black Ops (Thanks to Vilas for his amazing units + Custom Plisken Textures)
- Custom Skins - ATACS (urban and Desert) Desert Ghillie + Arma Grass Ghillie

- Unique Crafting Systems and Items
- Crafting Books (3 total Storage, Barriers, and Camp)
- Inventory Crafting (Crafted Bandage, Crafted Leg Brace, Drugged Water Bottle)
- Items: Brick, Duct Tape, Electronic Scrap, Electronic Wires, Propane Tanks, Wooden Splint

- Unique Buildings and Features
- Dozens of Newly custom opened buildings
- Proper Glass in all SMD Buildings (break one pane at a time from 1 shot)
- Unique Animated Buildings (Aircraft Hanger, Ammo Bunker with SFX and animated doors)
- WIP Building level animated Door Breaching/Destruction
- WIP Building animated destruction
- Some Buildings can be "escaped" if the doors are blocked by Zombies

Island History
Welcome to Sahrani a fictional Atlantic island created by Bohemia Interactive (BI) for "ArmA: Armed Assault" (Better known as Arma 1)



The Sahrani Map is approx. 400 km2, however actual land mass is closer to 100 km2 for the mainlands (Kingdom of South Sahrani (KSS) and Democratic Republic of Sahrani (DRS)) and approximately 120 km2 including all the smaller islands.

The topography and terrain is varied and dramatic, offering what many consider to be the most dynamic landscape ever put forward by Bohemia Interactive for the ArmA Universe.

Please check back for updates to this main page as the Mod Evolves

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State of the Mod:
With Epoch basically dominating the scene and DayZ Standalone out, I'd say updates are going to slow to stop. I'd like to shift focus, so updates will get worked on in the background and whenever M1lkm8n has updates for the terrain I will publish an update with whatever has been done by then.

BRAND NEW LOBBY! - Art Concept by Yoshi, Lobby rebuild by Seven

BRAND NEW BUSES - By ZombieDanceLeader + retouched by ShermanFTW

New Zombies - Vilas Police Units retextured by Pliskin

LOTS of new Zombies

New Vehicles and Clothing Packages

LOTS of new vehicles and Skins (

Gorgeous Cities

Amazing Scenery

New Media:

Older Media:

1.6.5 Client
Google Drive
1.5.0 Server (no update to server for 1.6.0)
Google Drive


DayZ Sahrani *Included*
Arma 2 Combined Operations
Arma 2 Beta version: 103718

If you run into problems please email us (, post to Facebook, or make another thread on here

If there are any questions about the port or future plans ask below.

Please feel join the conversation on Teamspeak!

The DayZ Sahrani Dev team:
Active Members:

Retired Members:
Grafzahl - Programming (animated heli wrecks Coming soon)
JST (CyberSam248) - Modelling
M1lkM8n - Terrain Lead - Art, Modelling, Terrain Editing
NWP - Thanks for all the coding/programming advice and general help
PepinKR - HUGE Thanks for the beginnings of an AMAZING Crafting System
Pliskin - Addon Integration, Art, Programming,
Seven - Project Lead - Art, Modelling, Programming
ShermanFTW - Founder - Art, Modelling, Programming
Yoshi - Art
Xerxes - Modelling
ZombieDanceLeader - Art

HUGE Thanks to:
Bohemia Interactive - Makers of some of the Most AMAZING Video Games in the World!
We can't thank the following enough:
- Ota Vrtatko - Public Relations
- Ivan Buchta - Map Maker and Sahrani Bohemia Map Team Alum!
- David Foltyn (Dwarden) - Battleye and DayZ Ambassador
Bohemia Interactive Forums - We can't thank the following members enough:
- Bushlurker - BI Developer, CWR2 Dev and Terrain/Tutorial Magician
- Dslyecxi - Addon Author and Tactician extraordinaire
- Icewindo - Master Addon Maker (Sahrani Civilian Units and 2017 Post Apocalypse Units just to mention 2!)
- Kju[PVPSCENE] - Maker of All in Arma (reason Zoombies works) and @Caa1 (reason Sahrani works).. IE Pretty Fucking Awesome guy in the community!
- Mikero - CWR2 Dev & maker of COUNTLESS tools that help Terrain Artists and Modders do what they do! A TRUE Arma Modder's Hero
- Mondkalb - BIS Developer and author of Tutorials!
- Smookie - BIS Developer from FragOut Studios
- SnakeManPMC - Terrain Master and PMC Wiki Creator
- W0lle - Project Lead for Cold War Rearmed!
- Vilas - Legendary Weapon Pack and Addon Maker

DayZ Dev Team - Original Authors of the Mod Turned DayZ Standalone Development Team
DayZ Community Mod Dev Team - Keeping the Torch Burning Strong!
DayZ Mod Forums - The Community for the Official Mod!
Caa1 Project - Kju's Project to bring Arma 1 Content to Arma 2
OAC Core Project - Makes Caa1 Content work in Arma 2
Pwnoz0r - for his Easy Server Installer!
The ENTIRE OpenDayz community and the admins for their support
VertHosting - Thank you James Warner!
DayZHorror - Wonderful EU Gaming Community
- Cookies
- SmKes
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Nonov Urbizniz

OpenDayZ Rockstar!
Staff member
I played tonight and have to say as someone who's never played arma, the map absolutely KILLS anything thats out there. The topography and city planning are amazing. I've spent a few hours touring around but The terrain is varied and detailed in a way I don't think any other port or Chernarus even approaches...

There should be a video up on my youtube channel shortly... Cifordayzserver


I see that the OpenDayz mods made a section just for this port, thanks for the support guys. I am working to release this asap, there will be more media posted soon and the beta for Dayz Sahrani is not to far away.


Staff member
Hi Sherman,

Look forward to seeing this! Its also really nice to see someone else branching out and doing there own modeling too. I don't believe a lot of people realise just how much is involved in modeling & coding new in game material. Most modders just go down the path of using existing arma 2 models.



Staff member
Looks like some new buildings there, whats the 'enterable' percentage?

Also if you need help with how to map out loot spawn for new buildings, send me a PM and have a script I can set you up with. If you're already good, then look forward to seeing progress.


Valued Member!
Looking v.nice, can't wait to try it out...
Thinking i might throw up a server with the map when u release the beta.

Any idea if it will get released to dayzcommander @ beta stage ?
Whats the map size x/y or in comparsion to cherno roughly do u know


Looking v.nice, can't wait to try it out...
Thinking i might throw up a server with the map when u release the beta.

Any idea if it will get released to dayzcommander @ beta stage ?
Whats the map size x/y or in comparsion to cherno roughly do u know

I am looking into getting it on Dayzcommander and hope to have it on later in the beta. I believe Sahrani is slightly smaller than cherno. The whole map is 400km2 acorrding to wiki, but that is including water, which there is alot of around Sahrani since it is a large Island. I believe from one end of the main island to the other is about 20km.

I am thinking about packing caa1 with dayzsahrani since I will be editing some of the files in caa1 later in the development.

Nonov Urbizniz

OpenDayZ Rockstar!
Staff member
The thing I love though is it's not a Taviana style choke point... it's a whole city, you can skirt past it on the edges sneaky sneaky... IF you don't get sniped from one side or the other, or from within the city... and it's not nearly as long as the divide between the two Taviana islands... Tavianna bridge is like a canned slaughter alley. 1 patient guy with a satchel charge could kill a squad of 18 in a V3S... which is a cool dynamic but I don't like ANYTHING to be "on rails" in this game.... with the debri placement on that bridge there are 3-4 places where a GOOD sniper or a bomber could kill a massive squad or convoy without much effort.


Sahrani is larger map wise, but has a smaller land mass, however its not just one big blob and has that one choke point.
Sahrani                                            Chernarus
Map area......400 km2.................235.92 km2
Map size......20480*20480 m...........15360*15360 m
Land..........102.2 km2...............180.1 km2
grid size.....10 m....................7.5 m

Thanks for the info and the website link learned a lot from it. When I went from playing Arma to playing Arma 2 I was very disappointed with Chernarus. I still think Sahrani is the best map BI has ever made.


Valued Member!
Are you blocking the location stream or overriding the cfgtowngenerator?, also please dont use the town generator if possible because its reallt laggy

Nonov Urbizniz

OpenDayZ Rockstar!
Staff member
I've never seen anything so beautiful in my life... and I've witnessed two human births... my own childrens...

Alright I'm being a bit hyperbolic, but this is awesome.