Dayz Tavi Server Problems


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So we've been running our first tavi server for a week now and I have to say it's pretty buggy. I don't know if it's the tavi build or the server files. I'm using Stapo's / Pwnzors server files for tavi 1.2.0.

Here's the problems we've seen
-Loosing weapons alot ... store them in a vehicle and log out and when you log back in the weapon is gone.
-random warping to previous location, hop in a chopper and while in flight get warped back to the location you enter the chopper.
-action menu bugging out and cant eat or bandage etc

I didn't have any of these problems when running vanilla dayz files by pwnzor. I'm using the same dedicated server.

I'm not sure if this is the new version of tavi or the tavi light server files, or something with my server setup. Anyone else having issues?

I see occasional warnings in the server console around MYSQL has gone away, seems it's skipping your save and then the inventory changes you make get lost. It seems worse if gotcha is monitoring the server.


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I have had my fair share of the notorious "MySQL has gone away" error. When developing B3 plugins we found the server tend to "go away" due to the database engine. Try changing the engine of the tables to "MyISAM" made the problem disappear for me when developing my plugins.


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Stapo the new my.ini fixed the problems with database commits and loosing gear but now I see desync when anyone connects. Is there any tweaks that could solve this that you know of?


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Sounds like Stapo has this under control, but have you checked your rpt log, and Hive log files to check for any database issue messages?