DayZ Taviana for DayZ 1.7.7(Tact's Build)

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i can´t remember exactly where i commented this out, if you have a look in the .rpt log there should be an entry like "porting back" or similar. Get that message and search for it in the dayz_code folder


You can disable this in init.sqf by uncommenting the RSEC line. in the 1.7.6 or so this is included inthe antihack they introduced. If you get out of a car the players position changes to fast and therefore the "antihack" ports the player back

This is a feature from the base building script/mod ->

Anyway, I found a way to play on the lastest Tavi map without outdated dayz code.
It is possible to run an epoch server with lastest DayZ Origins update. You just need to delete every dayz_*.pbo and keep the tavi files, then you'll need to resign them manually. That way, we can play on the updated Tavi map and updated DayZ code. I know Gamers Platoon claim copyright on their work, but we should have Origin's server files for months now, and you cannot stole something free. But the problem is still the same, players will have to download and install manually the mod files.


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Aha, I guess it's to not let people glitch into bases when getting out out of vehicles? Hm...

I really don't think anyone want to release a mod with the way you describe. Last guy who tried to alter Taviana got sued.


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Officially put up a server and have gotten a lot of good feedback on gameplay/bugs. We had 10-20 guys playing it most of the weekend.

First of all, we need this on commander as people are lazy.

Second, have you thought about updating this to 1.8?

Third, does anyone know the whitelist actions for the basebuilding so I can run anti-hacks? Right now the build recipe menu won't stay up and I've tried loads of actions so far.


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Getting some bug reports from my players:

- Inventory can hold more than is should (3 empty slots, pickup tire, it's invisible / drop a couple items, it returns to inventory) / at least it's not unlimited, but it is bugged.

-Sling loaded several vehicles to a location, repaired them back to 100%, server restarted, vehicles gone. May have been because I didn't get in and move the vehicles. Will test to confirm.

-Tents bugged - What ever is in a given "Old Camping Tent" after the server restarts the first time after it is pitched, the inventory returns to that same state every restart. (Dupe)


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DZC-Josh doesn't have time to put this up is clearly not the case, as at least two new mods have been released in the time we have waited on this. So, I guess this won't be released and all that work Tactical put in was for nothing.
Damn shame...
Yup, it's a good build/rev for tavi but won't see the light of day without commander. Kids are too lazy :(

Hey OpenDayZ Community,

I hate to bring you the bad news and it really hurts me to say this but this project is a dead end. I've waited patiently for Josh to get my project up on DZC and it's been almost 2 months now and my patience has finally ran out. Without it being on DZC I don't really see any other potential ways of making it easier for people to get it installed or a potential of it getting alot of players. If you guys have any ideas what I can try doing and in hope to get this project a kick start just let me know. If I can only get my project out there to all the DayZ players I will get back into the project and upgrade it to the latest DayZ.


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Tactical, I ran your mod for a month or so and got some traffic and my players really enjoyed the update. But like you said without DZC it won't go anywhere. I hope you enjoyed working on it, I know the players that played on my server enjoyed the mod, so I hope you don't feel like it was wasted time.