DayZ Whitelister Pro App

I've taken this app's source code and turned it into quite a nice Windows form application. I'll make a post on this forum tomorrow with the first release and a how-to guide.
awesome can't wait to try it out. I am not having much luck with the current install. everything seems to work and be installed properly although nothing ever happens after waiting for clients additionally nothing is written to whitelist.log table
For now, you could download the latest version from GitHub and give it another try as I identified a bug that stopped the program from working and reported it to the developer. He's committed the change to the project so I imagine it should be working now. Or just wait for me to upload my version tomorrow evening :)
What apache set-up are you guys using to use Whitelister Pro.

It says you just need Apache, but offers no explanation on what kind of setup is required or what modules, PHP settings, etc. I tried a simple WAMP install and had plenty of errors.
I just use IIS that is available already in win2k8. The webserver should not have anything to do with the executable, the webserver is only serving the pages for submitting the guid to the database which this part is working fine. I see no reason to install apache not to mention apache is best ran on a linux base system in the first place and installing a third party webserver on a system that already has a native webserver available just seems redundent. I really love how this whole platform is built on a windows OS using linux applications apache mysql php makes me laugh
With my version, I cut out the need of running a web server to add/remove GUIDs. If you have access to the database, you could always add the GUIDs manually to the 'whitelist' table.

With my application you can add/remove GUIDs from the whitelister itself, so there's no need to install anything else for this job. Like I said, I'll be uploading my version tonight and I'd love to get some feedback on it.
do you need access to the server with your version? the web interface for adding guid's is great for my admins and advisors plus i would like to roll this in to being an automatic process when a user applies to my whitelist application
The only access you need is to the computer that is running the whitelist app. The web interface will still work with my version as all it does is add entries into the database table.

I'm planning to also create a client application that your admins can download, fill in the rcon + database credentials and then have the ability to manage GUIDs.

Making the application process automatic should be very simple if you have any web development experience. You'd just need to add a row into the database table when someone signs up, filling in their GUID, email and in-game name. If you need a hand with this, let me know and I'll try to help you out.
Hi mate, I've attached the zip file to this post. Just run the SQL file on your MySQL server, run the setup and you should be good to go. Let me know if you have any issues. Also let me know what you think.


well i have it installed it is running and connecting to rcon but it does not seem to be interacting with the database properly as nothing is being logged and no one is being kicked. I did not get any errors when importing the sql script but i noticed there is nothing in any of the tables prior there was an authorized and kicked under logtypes. I also get this when trying to add to whitelist although i have granted all privelages to the user to the whitelist database

MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlException (0x80004005): The user specified as a definer ('dayz'@'%') does not exist

any assistance would be much appreciated
Alright well i seem to have it working partially anyway. I altered your sql script changing 'dayz'@'%' to 'dayz'@'localhost' and it now seems to be functioning although the kick message is providing a URL to a different white list application site i am assuming is yours I will have to be able to edit this before i can deploy this for regular use. I am still not 100% sure on the creation of the database and table structure let me know if all the tables are suppose to be empty at creation.

thanks again.
oh also i like where it is going thumbs up on the application i think once it is fully functional it will be awesome. some side notes just fyi there is a typo in one of the menu's also an option to reconnect or disconnect/connect would be good currently if i want to attempt to connect after a failed attempt i have to restart the program.
Yeah, I know it has a few issues at the moment. It's very much a work in progress. All tables should be empty except the logtypes table which should have 2 rows which I left out. It's not entirely necessary to have these rows for the app to function, but you can use the following SQL to insert them:

INSERT INTO `logtypes` (`id`, `description`) VALUES (1, 'Authorised');
INSERT INTO `logtypes` (`id`, `description`) VALUES (2, 'Declined');
I completely forgot about the URL option. I'll allow this to be customised and re-upload another version this evening. Thanks a lot for the feedback though.
awesome thanks for the updates. Is this app configured to use the dayz user automatically or should i be creating a different user for the whitelist db?
I'd just replace any instance of the 'dayz' user with whatever username you use to connect to your database. I should've made that clear in the original post :)


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Guys, hope you don't mind, I am going to move this to the anti hack forum as its very useful info and has a life of its own now.

Dean, when your happy with stability let me know and we can set you up a sub forum.