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Changelog for version 0.2 (Public Beta).
Release Date: Early November.
The first public release is aiming to to eliminate bugs, which slipped in the development process and stress test the server.

Complete list of changes:

  • New inventory style
  • Better textures of the sky, clouds, sun etc. (See credits)
  • Lower grass (See credits)
  • Better ground texture details (See credits)
  • New GUI icons
  • Street lights, positional building lights, runway lights, grade crossing lights, lighthouse lights etc. are on at night
  • Changed weapon and environmental sounds (See credits)
  • All weapon model switched/changed to the fantastic models by Robert Hammer
  • Non-SD weapons cannot shoot SD rounds
  • New Item - Chloroform Bottle. Can be used on other players (See credits)
  • Fixed pickup of Melee weapons - they don't delete you primary weapon any more
  • Heli/Plane Crashes are real flying vehicles - they don't spawn out of thin air (See credits)
  • New chop wood system
  • Vehicles can be salvaged (certain parts)
  • Changed the contras, brightness and colour saturation
  • Tent's can be burned down with all the gear inside (the player has a fixed amount of time to save it's content)
  • Vehicle's can be burned down with all the gear inside (the player has a fixed amount of time to save it's content)
  • Water behaviour is tied with the weather (See credits)
  • Topolka Dam remake (See credits)
  • Vehicle Inspection - action is required for repairing and salvaging vehicles. Once inspected you can interact with the vehicle, unless it get's damaged again
  • You can shot from some of the vehicles including the Little Bird
  • Couple of new skins (WiP)
  • Two new backpacks
  • Player's cannot infinitely eat and drink
  • Player's can refill their water bottle with rain water (See credits)
  • Player's can fail while bandaging
  • Player's can fail while creating a fire place while it's raining, resulting in loosing their Match Box.
  • New Item - Magnesium Rod. Used to make fire places. Better chance of creating a fire place while it's raining. Cannot be soaked
  • Military Flash light can be equipped to the player's arm while not interfering with the side-arm slot - two colours available - Military (Red) or standard patrol light)
  • Player's cannot join the server if their Beta Patch version is higher then the server itself
  • Weapon Attachment system - most weapon can be equiped with accessories such as sight, grenade launchers, silencers etc, thus most weapons in the world will be simple, iron-sighted variants. The attachment's can be dismounted after use
  • Crows will serve a purpose now ;)
  • Higher infection chance
  • A bit balanced the Zed's damage
  • Gamma slider removed from the graphic options
  • Stamina/Fatigue added. Player's cannot infinitely run (See credits)
  • Deleted the crafting system frm Vanilla (Will be replaced in future versions)
  • Vehicles that have two reflectors will properly have two different light sources at front (See credits)
  • DiscoBot system known from some other mods
  • Player's can no longer make use of the "two weapons exploit" from Vanilla (primary/carry)
  • Debris will no longer spawn in front of the player - server side controlled
  • New item - Can Opener - Needed to make use of canned food. You can always use an alternative item ;)
  • New player animations (See credits)
  • Player's cannot logout in a distance less then 60m from an urban area
  • Rebalanced and change some loot spawn positions
  • Balanced the overall loot that spawn per player/client
  • New sfx for some actions
  • Slightly increased the client performance (well, will see about that i guess ;))
  • Slightly redone the login process to prevent server hopping
  • Slightly increased the server performance (well, will see about that i guess ;))
  • New locations with new self-made textures
  • Fixed some bullshit actions like refueling zeds and study body on animals
  • Fixed gutting animals
  • Some action restrictions to prevent item duping
  • Overall fixes...
  • ...and probably some stuff that i forgot

  • Completly new item crafting mechanizm
  • A lot more skins (backpack ready)
  • More weapon variations
  • More objects to build
  • And more...;)
This is still not final, so some element's can change or be added.


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DayZed released!
DayZed 0.2.1 (Public Beta) - Rolling Changelog

The goal of this version is to eliminate bugs that escaped durring closed tests.
We strongly count on you guys to help ous out with all of them. This is crucial to the future of the mod's development and it's direction.
For the time beeing Side-Chat is on to help us communicate better with all of the players. All kids who will constantly abuse it, will successfully be banned from all future instances of the mod.

Info for First Person Only fans (FPP): The second instance will be setup in the next patch. We currently don't have that much human/time resources.

0.2.2 Fixes:
  • BAF_LRR_scoped_disappearing after pickup leaving only magazines in inv
  • Weapon Attachments on Secondary's (SideArms) were making the Primary's vanish
  • Direct Chat
  • *_aks74 fix

Spread the word!

DAYZED.EU - DE1 (DayZed 0.2.1/103718) [UTC-1][3DP:ON] -



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DayZed 0.2.3 Release
Serwer will be updated at 00:00 GMT-1 00:00


  • Updated/Fixed loot table for Deer Stands
  • Updated/Fixed loot table for Supermarkets
  • New Item: First Aid Kit. Resores 3k blood, takes 16 second to apply.
  • Fixed some issues with 3d models
  • Fixed ammo classes for *_MP5 variants
  • New Crash Site class: MV22 (Medical)
  • Fixed filling up Water Bottles with rain water
  • Fixed Chloroform issues
  • Fixed an exploit when you could eat/drink more then one item at a time
  • BAF_LRR_scoped_W has now a proper image in the inventory
  • Fixed some issues with tents not updating their inventory
last update: 12.11.2013


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Because we still have some code that needs fixing. Also considering that Josh is kind of MIA, we won't be able to push the updates fairly quickly to potential players.
It's gonna be there when we reach a "stable" release and hopefully this will be soon.


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DayZed 0.2.7
Steam Launcher:

NonSteam Launcher:


  • Dodano warianty broni AK105 oraz AK107 z celownikiem 1P29
  • Dodano nowy celownik do systemu attachment'ów: 1P29
  • Dodano drugi typ namiotu: DomeTent
  • Dodano automatycznÄ… akcjÄ™ rozpalania ognia po wybraniu opcji Make Fireplace
  • Poprawiono opis trybu prowadzenia ognia dla HK UMP45
  • Nowe modele przedmiotów Bottle of Milk oraz Empty Milk Bottle
  • Dodano możliwość dojenia krów i kóz
  • Poprawiony proces logowania
  • Poprawiona wydajność serwera
  • UsuniÄ™te niepotrzebne wpisy w oryginalnym kodzie
  • Dodano 4 nowe skin'y/cloathing z addonu Spetsnaz GRU
  • Dodano możliwość przeszukiwania niektórych obiektów wyposażenia
  • Dodano obiekty wyposażenia do niektórych budynków sklepów, szpitali
  • Dodano nowy obiekt wyposażenia Vending Machine
  • Dodano model magazynka MP5 SD (dotychczas wystÄ™powaÅ‚ w standardowej paczce)
  • Dodano i zintegrowano z systemem attachment nowe bronie FN P90, Bushmaster ACR Black, AK105, Stechkin APS, USP, Desert Eagle
  • Zmniejszono ilość zwierzÄ…t po stronie klienta
  • Zmniejszono wartość damage dla amunicji wykorzystywanej przez HK UMP45 oraz HK UMP45 SD
  • Poprawiono akcjÄ™ remove Grenade Launcher/ remove PSO Scope dla AK107
  • Poprawiono problem przy stawianiu namiotów (brak opcji ukońćzenia budowy)
  • UsuniÄ™to MedBox ze szpitali
  • Poprawiona/Zniżona wysokość lotu (flight altitude) dla Chinook-CH47F
  • Zaktualizowana/Poprawiona tabela loot'u


  • New weapons: AK105, FN P90, Bushmaster ACR Black, Stechkin APS, USP, Desert Eagle
  • New sight: 1P29 used in AK105 and AK107
  • Added a second tent class: DomeTent
  • Fireplaces now light upon creation
  • Fixed description for UMP Fire modes (they ware overlapping the ammo count)
  • 2 New items: Bottle of Milk and Empty Milk Bottle
  • You can now milk Cows and Goats
  • Fixed login process - again...
  • Fixed server performance - again...
  • Code cleanup from Vanilla DayZ
  • 4 new skins from the Specnaz GRU Addon (see credits)
  • You can now search some of the objects in the world and find loot in it.
  • Added some furniture and objects to the world
  • Completely new object: Vending Machine
  • New MP5 SD ammo model
  • Lowered the amount of animals in the world
  • Fixed damage multipliers for HK UMP45 and HK UMP45 SD ammo
  • Corrected the removal action for Grenade Launcher/PSO Scope on AK107 (now also AK105)
  • Fixed tent placement problem (missing the "Complete Build' action)
  • Removed MedBoxes from hospitals
  • Lowered flight altitude on Chinook-CH47F (Heli Crash)
  • More loot table fixes and balancing


I'm confused. Are DayZ Genisis & DayZeD the same mod now? I look for Genesis information and I find the change logs and release notes for DayZeD


DayZed server is 100% working since 1,5 month (of course we are still in beta but we are almost at finish).

No, DayZed is separate mod. You can find all informations and changelogs here

No man it aint working, downloaded the files on play with six, took ages, and when I join the server I get an instant kick, don't know the message anymore, I removed the mod, 3gb for a mod, thats too big man.


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No man it aint working, downloaded the files on play with six, took ages, and when I join the server I get an instant kick, don't know the message anymore, I removed the mod, 3gb for a mod, thats too big man.

I'm sure the people who playing right now on server also thinking that this mod isn't working :) I really don't know what mod You downloaded but DayZed is max 2GB unpacked (1,2GB packed zip) so ....

Next time just install proper version / right now is 0.2.7.


Ur shit play with six is not working. The server has a different version from the client.
Just look at it.