DayZEpidemic - (|Self blood|Smelting|Take clothes|protected bases....And More


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Here's my publicvariables.txt. Let me know if anything looks wrong. The top 2 lines.

5 !="remExField" !="remExFP" !="drn_AskServerDynamicWeatherEventArgs" !="BIS_effects_gepv" !"PVDZ_"
1 dayzSetFix !="dayzSetFix" !"\"dayzSetFix"\"

The top line looks fine the 2nd one looks like it would work but It is set to log. Give it a shot if that doesn't work I would simply just have be log it

1 dayzSetFix !"\"dayzSetFix\","

as far as I can tell without log file this is what I would use.

Chris Atkins

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Thanks Kain! I believe 1 dayzSetFix !"\"dayzSetFix\"," was the answer!

Only had a few minutes to test this morning. I was able to remove a fuel tank without any problems, then had a server restart and removed another fuel tank. Then it was off to work. So with the short time I had this morning I was able to successfully remove 2 parts without getting kicked.

Now, I'll have to figure out why when lifting vehicles with a chopper, players get kicked for "setPos" restriction.

I appreciate all your correspondence over the past days.