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Updated: 19/05/15

All Servers Specific:

  • Fixed:Fixed backpacks duping when selling/buying to vehicle.
  • Fixed:Fixed an issue where respawning would log your player in twice and cause gear loss/lag/etc.
  • Fixed:Fixed track vehicle with radio not working.
  • Fixed:Fixed remote unlock/lock not working.
  • Fixed:Fixed consume blood bag not removing blood bag.
  • Fixed:Fixed an exploit where you could deposit money while selling items.
  • Fixed:Fixed player not bleeding after a skin change.
  • Fixed:Fixed building parts shifting when building over/on the water.
  • Added:You can now change skin without removing your backpack.
  • Added:ALL missions with crates now have the possibility to spawn weapons, building supplies, and more!
  • Added:AS50/MAAWS/M107/SCARS/KSVK/VSS/RPG now have a chance to spawn in crates after 20 players online instead of 30.
  • Added:Mission crates should now give better loot.
  • Added:Missions were set to start 5-15 mins after one finished, time is now 1-5 minutes.
  • Added:New respawn system.
  • Added:New GUI for all our menus.
  • Added:Added Jackal GMG and Jackal 50 cal to the Military armed vehicles category for Bandit and Hero traders.
  • Added:Jet sell prices raised.
  • Added:All Jets now spawn with 6 DSHKM mags.
  • Added:Regular sell prices are 30% of buy price.
  • Added:Hero sell prices are 50% of buy price.
  • Added:Changed ALL armed vehicle prices.
  • Added:Added M107 + ammo to black market dealer.
  • Added:Added AS50 + ammo to black market dealer.