Dogs and anomalies addin scripts


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the only line of code that was in my battle eye scripts.txt was
5 "[_this,\"players\"] execVM \"\ca\ui\scripts\dedicatedServerInterface.sqf\";"

is there something wrong with my script files?


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Trying to get these dogs to save to the database.
Here's what I have so far:
First, I added a player_dog column in my `survivor` table;

underneath "while {(alive _dog) && (alive _leader)} do"
(_timeCount, _dogType, and _userId are declared before it)
    _timeCount = _timeCount + 1;
    if (_timeCount > 9) then {
    _timeCount = 0;
    _record = [_dogtype,_userId] execVM "addin\dogCheck.sqf";
inside dogCheck.sqf
Private ["_dogType","_userId","_key"];
_dogType = _this select 0;
_userId = _this select 1;
_key = format ["CHILD:103:update `survivor` set `player_dog` = ? where `unique_id` = ? and `is_dead` = 0:[%1, ""%2""]:", _dogType, _userId];

Can someone point me to the right direction?

Have you already brought it to the database to run? If so you can not even upload the files here?


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Install notes.

For all servers that run BE.
Add in your server, battleye/script.txt after creatVehicleLocal
(Because Battleye will give you an error #21 for creatingVehicles):
!"createVehicleLocal getPosATL _anomaly;"

Then the specific row will look like:
5 createVehicleLocal !"createVehicleLocal getPosATL _anomaly;" !"\"createVehicleLocal\"," etcEtc.

Install in 4 steps for other server installations then Pwnoz0r.
1. Put the addin folder to your "dayz_1.Chernarus" folder. (contains the script files)
2. Put mission.sqm in your "dayz_1.Chernarus" folder. (contains added objects)
3. Add in the file: description.ext above the "class Header" (reference to sounds):
#include "addin\fx\descrExt.h"
4. Add in the file: init.sqf in the section "(isServer)" (to make server know who has a dog):
dogOwner = [];

Cheers piXel

Hi !

I have setted up everything exactly like your description, but it doesnt work for me.
The server doesn´t loads. It stops with a black screen and the message "Wait for host".
I putted in the codes of description.ext, init.sqf & so on, setted up the scripts.txt an merged my mission.sqm with your ones.
Dunno what i should do anymore...

can u help me ?



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Pixel, I dont know if you are still active but would it be possible to post your beidi file on this bunker if you are not gonna use it anymore ?
I want to make some modifications to the buildings and its giving a really hard time editing the sqm the way it is.


I just installed this on my survival server. I have one kennel at my mercenary trader so you can hire Ai and a dog at the same place (the dog is free at the moment, subject to change). I only wanted the dog code so I ripped it from this mod but I can confirm that it works brilliantly. Excellent work my friend...many thanks and beans.


I've tried to call the dog code from the fn_selfactions file so that all spawned kennels have the same ability, but with no luck. I'll keep trying of course but I have doubts whether this post will be acknowledged.

In any case it's a great mod and I'm very grateful, you've really helped my sanity against the loneliness...I think I'll name him Sam.
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When I try to download, I get it: This attachment cannot be shown at this time. Please try back later.

Give a working link