Dogs and anomalies addin scripts


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====discontinued new version====

This addin for DayZ addon has:

A laboratory where the Zeds originate and entered Chernarus through teleporting anomalies which are randomly scattered around the landscape.

A Companion dog that you find in doghouses in Bor, Msta, Polana, Vyshnoye, Grishino. The dog follows and protects you against zeds, it enters and exits your vehicle and barks if other zeds or humans are within 100/50 meters.


If you download it, please post your experience. I will upload latest updated version here.

Changes in 26-1-2013:
1. Anomaly files - Anomalies should spawn correctly now.
2. Dog files - If your dog dies you can't immediately get a new dog.
3. Minor tweaks - teleport health consequenses changed, added teleport sound, text corrections.



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Install notes.

For all servers that run BE.
Add in your server, battleye/script.txt after creatVehicleLocal
(Because Battleye will give you an error #21 for creatingVehicles):
!"createVehicleLocal getPosATL _anomaly;"

Then the specific row will look like:
5 createVehicleLocal !"createVehicleLocal getPosATL _anomaly;" !"\"createVehicleLocal\"," etcEtc.

Install in 4 steps for other server installations then Pwnoz0r.
1. Put the addin folder to your "dayz_1.Chernarus" folder. (contains the script files)
2. Put mission.sqm in your "dayz_1.Chernarus" folder. (contains added objects)
3. Add in the file: description.ext above the "class Header" (reference to sounds):
#include "addin\fx\descrExt.h"
4. Add in the file: init.sqf in the section "(isServer)" (to make server know who has a dog):
dogOwner = [];

Cheers piXel


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In the file dog.sqf at the 7th row. It looks like:
if (count dogOwner >= 10) exitWith {[nil, _leader, "loc", etcetc..

change 10 in the number you prefer.


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Probably the main reason why there are no official dogs is because there are difficulties with commanding them and letting them following you. I could not make it work with a normal "join". So no merging..Thx

Audio Rejectz

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Not true, all rockets dog files are available to download and to a degree it works great. The only issue we had is we would of had to run it in a mod. But the commands worked great. Just to show im not shitting it, here were a few bits from a couple of the files


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Please don't "Not true" me, Audio Rejectz. As I said: I could not make it work with a normal "join".

But it would be great if you or someone does. Thx ;)


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Hey if either of you two have that info on the rockets dogs that is needed to be implement "In an additional mod" could you point me in that direction, i was looking at the dog files and honestly didn't see much wrong with them.

I'm already going to work on something with my factions mod that would be nice to have dogs especially if i can get AI bandits with dogs also.
Do I just delete the teleport.sqf if I dont want players get teleported from anomalies to other places? Also, awesome scripts esp with the dogs! Thank you.