DZAI Incremental Update


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This update is a small collection of fixes and improvements.

  • [CHANGED] Improved the way DZAI prevents empty AI groups from being deleted by DayZ's cleanup script. Several DZAI scripts require the empty group to continue existing for a short time in order to function properly.
  • [CHANGED] Streamlined AI death handling to remove unnecessary value checks.
  • [CHANGED] AI units now spawn with 10-second non-hostility if there are players present within 100m of their spawn location. If there are no players, AI units are spawned hostile. Previously, AI units always spawned with 5 seconds of non-hostility.
  • [FIXED] Dynamic AI player-hunting script now properly handles cases where the AI group is deleted.
  • [FIXED] More changes enable radio messages in vehicles if driver has a Radio (untested).
  • [FIXED] DZAI now terminates AI group management script before deleting the group. Should prevent undefined variable RPT errors from being generated if the script is busy checking group units while the group is being deleted.
    • Side effect: Terminating the group management script will prevent debug markers from being deleted. (That's why they're meant to be a development-only feature)
  • [FIXED] Fixed bug where custom-spawned infantry groups could not be properly despawned.
    • Added in a previous unversioned update.

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The current version at this time is, if you have a previous version, make sure you update. This is the last edit of, hopefully.