DZAI 2.1.3 Release and Changelog


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The 2.1.3 update is a compilation of all miscellaneous updates that I've made after 2.1.2. If you are using the DZAI client-side addon, you must update it with 2.1.3 in order to access all new client-side features available.

The indefinite pause on development continues as my arma2oaserver.exe has now begun constantly crashing out of the blue with no changes to any Arma 2 or any other software changes. I'm too busy to figure out the root cause so I'm hoping the problems will spontaneously solve themselves eventually.

Download on Github:

DZAI 2.1.3 Changelog

  • [NEW] Death messages for killing AI units. Requires DZAI client addon to be installed. Only player who killed the AI unit will receive the message. If the player is inside a vehicle, all players inside the vehicle will receive the message.
  • [CHANGED] Changed DZAI client addon file structure to be more similar to DZAI server package. All configuration options are now located in dzai_client_config.sqf
  • [CHANGED] Zeds will only be alerted by AI gunfire if they are more than 10 m away. (If DZAI_weaponNoise is enabled)
  • [CHANGED] Classname-checking now also verifies scope. (Base-classes are no longer allowable).
  • [CHANGED] AI infantry units now spawn facing a random direction.
  • [CHANGED] AI anti-stuck detection is now more aggressive for AI groups that have been found to be stuck in their patrol paths.
  • [CHANGED] Simplified DayZ mod autodetection to an on/off configuration option. Fully manual classname definitions using dzai_config.sqf can now be set by setting DZAI_modAutoDetect to false.
  • [CHANGED] Greatly streamlined file organization structure in world_classname_configs folder.
  • [CHANGED] Moved DZAI_customSpawnsReady flag variable away from custom spawn definitions file to avoid accidental user deletion of the flag variable.
  • [CHANGED] Added a small grace period of zero dynamic spawn probability following a successful dynamic AI spawn. (10% of DZAI_maxSpawnTime).
  • [CHANGED] Fixed nearby building detection for auto static spawn generation for unsupported maps.
If for some reason there is some serious issue with 2.1.3, which there shouldn't, you can still download 2.1.2 through the Releases page on Github: