DZAI 2.2.0 Dev Build Released (Note: Experimental)


OpenDayZ Rockstar!
This is a possible final build for DZAI since actual development has stopped for the past few weeks/months, so rather than leaving it hanging at 2.1.3 I am releasing everything I have for DZAI as-is.

This is the most cutting-edge release of DZAI at the time of posting, but keep in mind its not 100% tested and debugged but I still consider it satisfactory for my own purposes.

The 2.2.0 Experimental build can be downloaded here:

2.2.0 Changelog:
  • [NEW] Implemented "random spawn" feature, designed to be compatible with all maps, even unsupported ones. Long-time DZAI users will recognize this as the "old" dynamic spawn system, but much more polished. A quick run-down of how it works:
    • The server admin specifies the maximum number of "random" spawns that may be randomly created on the map. A blacklist feature is available and works just like the dynamic spawn one.
    • DZAI will spawn up to the admin-specified number of spawns on the map.
    • DZAI will try to avoid any overlap of random spawns. Up to 3 attempts are made to randomly find a position that doesn't have any other random spawns, dynamic spawns, or blacklisted areas. If 3 attempts fail, no spawn is created and it is queued up instead.
    • Spawn areas are periodically shuffled around if they haven't been activated in a while (about 18 minutes).
    • The spawn area will "jump" to center itself around the player responsible for activating the spawn, if the new position doesn't have a blacklisted area within 600m.
    • AI group sizes tend to be smaller than dynamic spawn ones.
  • [FIX?] Implemented a test fix for cases where AI vehicle drivers are killed, leaving the remaining group/vehicle stranded. If there are any group members left alive, one is randomly picked to be the new driver. This fix doesn't always seem to work perfectly however.
  • [FIX] Another fix for undefined variable error messages related to group_manager.sqf
    • Because I've never been able to replicate the error messages myself, this is a fix based on theory and not actual testing. I suspect the cause is how DZAI kicks out each AI unit from its group as soon as it's killed, if the group manager script is "looping" through each group unit, there is suddenly a mismatch between the list of units that the script has, and the list of units that are actually in the group. Pardon the technobabble.
  • [CHANGED] Revamped the way AI helicopters detect players on arriving at each waypoint.
    • The detection area is moved back 100m towards the helicopter itself, so it has a bit more vision on its backside
    • Instead of a single detection attempt, the AI helicopter will repeatedly search for players every 5 seconds as long as there is at least one unit (player or non-player) within its detection radius. This detection loop continues until the helicopter moves more than 300m away from its waypoint.
    • AI helicopters will not detect more than 15 units at a time. Therefore, if there is a massive zombie horde nearby, players have a better chance of hiding in plain sight of the helicopter.
  • [CHANGED] Modified dzai_config.sqf formatting for air/land vehicle patrol classname definitions to make it much easier to visually understand.
  • [CHANGED] Updated Taviana static spawn config file to new format. This was a huge pain in the ass.
Known issues with Taviana (No fixes currently available):
  • AI air/land vehicles may become permanently stuck on or underneath the bridge
  • AI air vehicles may collide with the bridge

If you're having any issues with 2.1.3, you may as well try out 2.2.0.
If you're having any issues with 2.2.0, go back to 2.1.3.
If you're currently stuck in an infinite loop due to the above 2 sentences, sorry.