DZAI 2.2.1 Dev Build Released (Note: Experimental)


OpenDayZ Rockstar!
Another note: This build was previously mentioned in one of my status updates as 2.3.0 but I decided not to make that large of a version number jump.

This is the promised year-end update for 2014 and is the last planned update for Arma 2 DayZ mod. In 2015, I will be looking into adapting DZAI for A3 Epoch (more info here:

Not sure what to rename DZAI as if this happens - A3EAI? That name looks like a mess, so back to the drawing board.

Dev build 2.2.1 includes all previous updates from dev build 2.2.0 ( This will be converted to the main build on Github before new year's day.

Link to 2.2.1 Experimental:


  • [NEW] Added extended classname verification option for additional enforcement of valid classname use (additional checks for AI unit types and vehicle types).
    • This is disabled by default
    • If experiencing AI-related problems, try enabling this in case some classnames are not 100% valid
  • [NEW] Added configurable spawn probabilities for static spawns. Probabilities are set on an "area category" basis. Default probabilities listed below:
    • Low value areas (ie: small towns): 40%
    • Mid-value areas (ie: cities, large towns): 60%
    • Military-grade areas: 80%
    • High-grade military areas: 90%
    • If the probability check fails, the AI group is queued up for respawn instead and spawn probability is recalculated when the queue time is completed
  • [NEW] Added side relations enforcement loop to maintain hostile relations between West and East
  • [FIXED] Small fix to AI patrol script to avoid cases where the last Cycle waypoint is unreachable
  • [FIXED] Fixes to classname filter to avoid filtering certain classnames that are still useable
  • [FIXED] Headshot kills no longer override Grenade and High Caliber death types (for Study Body action)
  • [CHANGED] Last Man Standing mode now also grants the last surviving AI unit one bonus bandage use
  • [CHANGED] AI helicopters now keep actively searching within 500 meters of their previous waypoint (up from 300).
  • [CHANGED] AI helicopters scan surrounding area more frequently if no players detected at their waypoint location. Scan frequency is reduced if at least one player was detected during the previous sweep.
  • [CHANGED] Dynamic spawn: Decreased default amount of time required to reach maximum spawn probability slightly and reduced default time to retain maximum spawn probability.
  • [CHANGED] Taviana: Slightly moved patrol area for Sabina AI patrol to avoid units becoming permanently stuck near the central statue
  • [CHANGED] Disabling vehicle patrols no longer prevents DZAI from modifying location of internal reference marker (this shouldn't have noticeable effects to users)