DZAI Available on GitHub (Download here)

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    The latest version of DZAI can always be found on the DZAI GitHub site:

    3/7/2014 Edit: Download link changed.

    DZAI is designed for immediate use - simply edit your server_monitor.sqf and server_cleanup.fsm, pack DZAI into your dayz_server.pbo and go. Users may also choose to tweak a few settings to their preferences in init/dzai_config.sqf.

    Complete installation instructions are provided on the GitHub site as well as the provided installation instructions file. Users who experience problems logging in after repacking their dayz_server.pbo should check out the instructions provided in the authentication_fix folder in the download package.

    All of the user-configurable files are located within the world_classname_configs (classname-related configs) and world_map_configs folders (spawn configs) in addition to the general dzai_config.sqf config file.
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