DZAI "Final" Version Update and other News


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1. "Final" Version Changelog:

Most of these updates are Epoch-focused as I have moved development from DayZ Overwatch to DayZ Epoch.
  • [FIXED] Epoch: Fixed trader menus not appearing. You should not have to resort to using right-click zoom to bring up the trader menus anymore (tested with 100% success rate).
  • [FIXED] Epoch: Fixed issue of AI attacking trader units.
  • [FIXED] Rewrote dynamic AI despawning procedure to fix an issue where AI would not despawn under certain circumstances.
  • [ADDED] Epoch (Napf): Added high-skill AI spawn at Milan military base (weapongrade 3).
  • [REMOVED] Epoch: Removed ItemSodaR4z0r from AI loot tables.
  • [CHANGED] Epoch (Napf): Moved an AI patrol area away from the Hero Vendor at the southern Airbase.
  • [CHANGED] Epoch (Napf): Several minor reductions in AI spawn numbers.
  • [CHANGED] DZAI will now default to using Survivor2_DZ as AI skin type if no skin types are available (all user-specified skins are invalid/banned).
  • [CHANGED] DZAI will now use all building types as possible spawn points for static AI spawns, as opposed to only buildings that can spawn zombies/loot. Note: Epoch buildables are ignored.
This update will be released on Github early this weekend as soon as I make sure there are no other critical issues.

The update can be downloaded here:

2. What "Final" version means and why it's in quotes

"Final" means it's the last planned update and is serious enough to warrant an update even though I announced development is on indefinite pause. There will be no further updates between now and May. Development is not certain to continue after May, so no news at the moment.

3. No more updates? What if DZAI breaks or stops working?

I will step in to fix all critical issues that prevent core features of DZAI from working. Examples of "core" features include (but not limited to):

  • DZAI being unable to start up due to a DayZ update
  • AI units being unable to spawn or despawn.
    • Note that air/land vehicle AI are not considered core features. However, I will try my best to ensure that air-type AI patrols can always properly spawn and respawn.
  • AI weapons/loadout not being assigned at all.
    • Note that the dynamic weapon list is an optional and not a core feature. Therefore if it doesn't work, use the manual weapon lists.

Note: I must be able to personally confirm issues before considering something needing fixing. If it works for me and everyone else but not for you - something is wrong on your end.

4. Updates to DZAI Terms of Use

I had removed the DZAI Terms of Use file because I believed it to need a lot a great deal of revision and simplification. Since I don't offer support for user-made modifications, I did not allow them to be publicly shared. After further thought, I realized that this wasn't in line with the purpose of the OpenDayZ forums.

Because development is on indefinite pause, user-made modifications for DZAI are now allowed and encouraged on any public forum, including the DZAI section of the OpenDayZ forums.

If you want to implement your own features for DZAI, you may modify the needed files and release them if you wish to. If you want a feature to be implemented, script it up yourself and release it if you want to. However, you are own your own if you want to develop your own feature, I do not want to and cannot hand-hold each person who wants to develop something. Please don't ask me to support anything I didn't make.

Writing code takes work and a great deal of problem solving. There is a lot of learning involved especially if you don't have a background in programming languages, but the rewards are real and satisfying. There are a lot of scripting resources available to you on the internet - search for and use them.

5. What else will change around here?

The first thing you will notice is that I won't be around posting very much if at all. Therefore, I encourage all users to help each other on the DZAI forum section if they need help. After taking a week-long break from the forums, my own mental health has greatly improved and I want to keep it that way.

In terms of DZAI itself, nothing will change much.


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Updated with a fix to prevent debug markers from being unintentionally created during normal gameplay.