DZAI + WAI not working together anymore


Anyone know why since I added the WAI version 2.2.0 to my servers lots of the time missions doesn't work. I have DZAI + WAI worked together for hmmmm about 3 years I never had any problem but in November 2015 when I noticed there was a update with both made couple months ago (not looking often for that) so I changed it.

One restart missions are working and the other maybe not, or one mission will start but no more mission after. I disable DZAI to see and mission was working perfectly. Soon as I put it back on my It start to not work again.

I have no error in my RTP.

Don't know what to do, any help please.


I have nothing in the RTP, I changed this morning for the version I was using a year ago and looks like its working perfectly like it was. Weird there is something not compatible between the new version of it. I'M gonna try in a day to reinstall the WAI 2.2.0 with the old version of DZAI to see if its working.


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Anyone ever figure out the problem or solution here?
I'm having the same issue - I added DZAI and everything works fine then after restart the wai missions stop working - next restart wai missions work again ...

Thanks ~


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I only use DZAI, not WAI - can you maybe diff them from version to version and see what changed - this is good tool -
What was updated in Nov2015? What type of server are you running?

Hmm, now that I think about it, arma2 was updated nov/dec 2015 and I know it broke some stuff with vanilla dayzmod...