DZRevival - Fresh & true DayZ Mod server opened

We are happy to announce that there is a new, true and fresh DayZ Mod project is up and running for us oldschool DayZ Fans!

We teamed up with DayZ Revival, which offers high speed fiber and an optimized dedicated server with anti-hack software.
For the best possible performance and a fair and fun gameplay experience.

To ensure the fairness factor, they disabled the L85 Thermal - so you can roam the woods without getting thermal-spotted from miles away! ;)

But thats the only difference - apart from that, you experience the true, raw and hard game experience, that the DayZ Mod offered back then!

IP & How to Connect
  • Name: Old School DayZMod -
  • IP:
  • Download DayZ Mod on Steam
  • Select Beta at Properties -> Beta (beta
  • Join via DayZ Mod from Steam!

Server Settings
  • Timezone: GMT -3
  • 3rd Person: ON
  • Sidechat: ON
  • Weapons enabled: AS50, M107
  • Vehicles: 52
  • Spawn-Loadout: 1x Bandage 1x Painkiller
  • Crashsites. Depending on Playerbase

For further information join the DayZ Revival Community Discord!

You can also check the server stats over here: