1. NoFace_NoCase13

    Zone 2 UK PVP Chernarus PS4/PS5 (42 Slot) HARDCORE SURVIVAL

    PlayStation Zone 2 UK PVP/PVE Chernarus PS4/PS5 (42 Slot) HARDCORE SURVIVAL PlayStation 3 spawn points for pvp NWAF/Novodmitrovsk/Stary Sobor combat areas 42 slot pvp server Zombie Hordes everywhere loot x500 Long days 10 min night time /NVGS Boosted/Guns lights boosted no ragequitting or crying...
  2. M

    PC | US | CHERNARUS | 1pp w 3PP Driving | Warzone | Safe Haven

    Rizen [Fresh Wipe 9/9/2022] Custom Arsenal| PVP| 10 max| Player Bounties| Warzone| Safe Haven| Custom PVP Map Edits| Airdrops| Discord: R I Z E N |War Zone PVP Trader| Custom Coin and Gold Bar Currency| Custom Creatures| Challenging Gauntlets “The Labs”| Safe...
  3. B

    AZ DayZ | PS | US/EU | Loot +++ | SS9 Trader | Weekend Raidz | Chernarus | Livonia

    Thank you for considering AZ DayZ! Looking for a place to call home? Look no further AZ DayZ has a place for you! Looking for factions to come setup shop. Looking to get some battles happening!! ||||||||||| ️Chernarus/Livonia Server LIVE |||||||||||| Some things our servers includes are; -...
  4. bushcraftrp

    Bushcraft RP season 5

    Bushcraft RP Season 5 It's been 10 years since the apocalypse started and 10 years since the fall of the world governments. The virus was cooked up by a terrorist group known as the undead, the undead were located in USA, After the virus was unleashed the American government along with NATO...
  5. T

    US | PC | Gen Z | Chernarus |

    Gen Z is not like any other server. There are a variety of things to do from exploring Chernarus with custom made areas, or hunting down AI and players. We offer a variety of mods that will keep you occupied within the server. We have an amazing community with active and responsive admins to...
  6. LunaRaeOx

    XB - US - Alaskans Final Frontier - Chernarus

    We'd be happy to see some new face join our ranks! PvE side coming together currently so we are taking interest currently in hopes of it opening up in the coming week. All info is within the graphic provided below. Discord:
  7. B


    Are you looking for a server where death can come from just about any angle with only 1 safezone , simple rules and adrenaline filled fun well look no further I got just the spot for you DayzMafia 4x Loot Full Cars&Trucks and so much more fresh wiped. 42slots ultimate performance for a lag free...
  8. J

    InsurgentZ - Brand New - PC Server

    Looking for a new server that isn't full of rules, restrictions and bossy admins? Then look no further. InsurgentZ is a modded DayZ server for PC, created and run by avid DayZ players. The server is designed to be fun and enjoyable yet challenging. Don't expect to find everything you need from...
  9. Z

    3 Maps 1 Server!!!! Welcome to all new and old survivors! All our maps are map-linked (what the hell does that mean), you will now have the means to travel to any of our maps through our hive system. You will travel with all of your existing gear, inventory and vehicles to any one of...
  10. N

    US PC Chernarus | Modded Server With AI/Hideouts/100kStarting$$/Traders/Raiding/READ

    Hello, This Is A 3PP Tarkov Inspired Server. You Start With 100k In The ATM. There Are AI Faction Groups & Player Faction Groups. Hideouts Are 100% Chance Of AI Spawns And Are Meant To Be Difficult. There Are Keycard Rooms, Airdrops, Raiding, Geared AI, A Dorms/Resort Area And Much Much More...
  11. J

    The Rapture | PvP | Weekend Raids | Vanilla+ | Chernarus | PS4/5

    The Rapture • New PlayStation Server • 32 slots UK Server • Discord channel • 24/7 PVP • Base raids every weekend • Base building anywhere apart from P.O.I. • Factions • Active Admins • Active Trader Outpost • Custom loot • Unlimited stamina • Currency/Gambling • Factions • Regular events …and...
  12. M

    [WIP] New PC DayZ Server looking for population [USA/PVE] Big Game Z Hunter #1

    Big Game Z Hunter Discord Big Game Z Hunter Website Big Game Z Hunter PVE server Server Name = [USA/PVE] Big Game Z Hunter #1 Servers are PVE, PC only...
  13. C

    | Dawn of Chaos | PC | EU | Deer Isle | 17/07 WIPED | DayZ PvE/PvP Zones | Weekly Raiding | Custom Keycards, Traders, Animal, BBP2, DRUGS, Admins |

    Come join our Dawn OF Chaos server! Platform: PC Map: Deer Isle Region: EU IP: Wiped: 14/07/2022 Dawn of Chaos is focused on bringing a wide variety of playstyles. A place whom many people can call home. We are a PvE server with PvP zones marked on the map at the high tier...
  14. A

    WandererRP [Namalsk || EU/Eng || PC ||]

    Hello survivor! We are WandererRP, a DayZ server carefully crafted around a fun but challenging Namalsk experience you will not find anywhere else! Name: WandererRP || Hardcore Survival Roleplay Map: Namalsk Focus: RP/PvE Timezone/Language: CET/English Slots: 30 IP:
  15. C

    Mini Survival DayZ server

    Mini Survival Is a DayZ melkart map with more loot and boosted events, anyone can join! Discord:
  16. B


    A1-S.H.T.F™ REAL HARDCORE ROLE PLAY SERVER. Slots 32 PlayStation 4/5 Map: Chernarus modded Keyboard: Active We are a modded server for everyone can enjoy and play on. The server is open to the public on Friday-Saturday just come and join in. We are a hardcore role play server if ur learning...
  17. G

    New Server: DayZ EU Vanilla TakistanPlus Only No Bases Only No Bases Server

    Hi all! Just made a server on TakistanPlus if anyone interested, tried to make it like the vanilla DayZ experience but with the expansion mod and few new weapons/armor to spice it up. No base building but does have a trader zone. Essentially classic just spawn with nothing loot up get gear, then...
  18. J

    PS4 Dayz Modded Server

    Come Join use at Jackal.Gaming Dayz Modded PS4/PS5 server ! PVP+E HIGH LOOT FULL CARS & TRUCKS SPAWN STARTING GEAR LONG DAYS NO RAIN PvP+E Killfeed Bounties High Loot Full Cars And Trucks Long Days No Rain Zombie drop Food and drink there is a Racing track with a loop and death jump also a...
  19. C

    Red Ruby Underworld | PVP/KOS | Weekend Raids | Discord

    You looking for a server with lots of loot and guns scattered around the map? Well if so, then this is the server for you! The loot makes PVP so much easier, finding svals on coast line. Its not popular at all but if you guys make it popular it would definitely be fun! Server Features...
  20. Sixxx

    **FRESH WIPE** EvolutionDayZ |250k Start|1PP|PvP|Trader|Heli|Loot+

    FRESHWIPE Evolution DayZ | 1PP Chernarus Evolution DayZ Evolution DayZ is a new Server/Community within the DayZ modding community which started with the aim to build its server around its players, taking suggestions and making them become features within our server giving the community a...