1. A

    ApocZ Roleplaying (Factions) (Discord) (Roles) (PVP) (PVE) Xbox One

    Hello everyone, we are a 3 month old 30 slots F2P server, looking for new players to come and join. We have a discord set up for you to join. Currently we have only one faction to join. But you are more then welcome to make one on the discord. We also have countless...
  2. M

    Dayz Revelation! |MASS|Weapon Expansion|Raiding|Base Building|Airdrops|+More|

    Come Join Dayz Revelation! We have an awesome friendly community. We are a modded server with 80 slots. We have great staff and mods! Come on in and join! Every player starts with 20k and a free teleport to a location of their choosing! I hope you all come and give our server a try. Server...
  3. A

    Tartan Army Gaming | Modded Server | PC

    The Tartan Army Gaming DayZ Server is now open to the public! MODS ZomBerry Admin Tools Community Framework MoreGuns Mass's Many Items Overhaul Trader & Trader Wallet Build Anywhere Code Locks FishingZ DayZ Navigation VanillaPlusPlusMap Better Suppressors OP_Base Items Less Destruction We...
  4. Microb


    Hello OpenDayZ! Just a quick post about I finally got stable DayZ SA server up and running. Server is client mod free and there is nothing that ruins hardcore survival gameplay like traders, safezones and crap like that. Server Name: MAD GUNNERS LAND [EU/RU] [1PP/HARDCORE] @ Server...
  5. S

    Aftermath Chernarus RP

    We are modding the map to give this server a more unique and more lore intense feel. Our thoughts behind adding more military zones to the more important/larger residential towns is: During a zombie apocalypse the military wouldnt just build a few road blocks then just quit and give up... our...
  6. Z

    DaylightZ No Night - US-East|Traders|Guns+|Loot+|

    Hey everyone, just wanted to make a quick post about our new DayZ SA server that is now up and running. Currently we have it setup with a 3 hour day cycle with 1 hour of dusk (never goes completely dark). Feel free to come check it out. Hoping to start a great community of dedicated players...
  7. Metropolis

    Lone Survivor DayZ |PVP|Modded|1PP|Trader|Weed Dealer|Loot|Custom Black Market's|Grind Experience|Future Development|

    Lone Survivor DayZ: © 2019 - A first person server with no limits! Approximately 2 months of developing. >>Discord<< Are you looking for a nice and grindy experience in DayZ? This is the right server for you. This server rewards people who put the time into playing on our server. The more you...
  8. S

    *NEW MAY 2019* [UK/EU] The Resistance | Modded 1PP | Trader | Spawn Selection | 100+ Custom Weapons!

    Search for The Resistance in DZSA Launcher to download all of our mods to start your adventure! Discord: -=Welcome to 'The Resistance' DayZ Server!=- The Resistance is the ultimate modded first person DayZ server. Our mods combined make your...
  9. c9lm


    \\INFORMATION// We're hosting a new deathmatch server in Berezino and Lumber Mill with 30+ spawns around Berezino and Lumber Mill. You will spawn with gear including weapons, food, water and clothing. This server is still under a bit of development but will be soon in fully working order. If...
  10. R

    [Remoz] DayZ Vanilla #2 CA |PVP+PVE|InsaneLoot|NoStamina|Daytime

    Canada area: Vanilla server, no mods, only custom configuration: 4x loot, more zombies, more animals, PVE + PVP zones, always daytime, no stamina, 81+ cars (every spawn point) Thanks you guys! Remoz
  11. Kovicson

    [UK/EU][RS] Rising Sun DayZ | PvP | High Loot x50!! | x15 Heli | No-Stamina | Loadouts

    [UK/EU][RS] Rising Sun DayZ | PvP | High Loot x50!! | x15 Heli | No-Stamina | Loadouts Community brought back from Arma 2 DayZ Mod! Server name - [EU] RSDAYZ| HIGH LOOT!| PvP/PvE| DISCORD.GG/GJWMtQe| N0 MODS IP - Filter for [RS] in community servers Features - No...
  12. G

    Radiotix DayZ Standalone Server NEW (EU)

    [RDX]DayZ+|Redux|Inv+|Stamina+|2xLoot|Winter|| IP: FEATURES: Build ANYWHERE | DayZ + | Inventory + | Chernarus WINTER | Snow Clothing | Weapon REDUX | Mosin Scope | Mass's Many Item Overhaul | Sullen Skies | Classic Names| And more to come...
  13. Captain_Bigzy

    Dawn OF The Z - Now Running 3 Dedicated Servers | PVP - NOKOS - VANILLA | WWW.DAWNOFTHEZ.NET

    WWW,DAWNOFTHEZ.NET New Growing Community with 180+ Discord Members Backups & Auto Restore on all servers! Hosting 3 servers PVE, PVP and VANILLA! Join our Discord: Dawn Of The Z Discord Our servers are a WIP and we need players to give us feedback to help us improve on the features! A run...
  14. Captain_Bigzy

    Better Way To Force Time/Date

    Credits to TheEpsilonNaught for resolving via DayZ Modders Discord! Having issues with your in game time not being what you set? Its probably using system time despite you setting a specific time. If so follow this quick guide. (Based on default mission file) Open...
  15. X


    We are please to announce we have our own DayZ Server! It comes with a bunch of features. We also require the use of the DayZ Standalone Launcher Tired of the $Unt$ beside everything in the game? Not on our server! We also have high Loot, No stamina and more Guns! Hope you guys decided to give...
  16. M

    DayZ - German Community Server 1 [LOOT++/NO STAM/PVP/-E]

    German Community Server 1 [LOOT++/NO STAM/PVP/-E] by COCA&MOJO IP: Features included: Added new Playerspawn Increased Loot Spawn Added Additional Loot to the Loottable (more Attachments, more Clothes, etc...) Unlimited Sprint (No stamina use for Sprinting) Server Restart...
  17. xtrmsnpr

    Kir Terpos Playground Epoch|DAY/NIGHT|Startkit|Custom events

    Hello to all. So, the old company from {grof communty} is back,this time away from that clan.We are operating by ourselves and we have opened a new dayz mod epoch server! And we want you to join us and have fun! It runs 24/7 Server IP...
  18. Pwn

    Public Scripting Repository

    Howdy everyone! With the excitement of DayZ server files being released and access the game's API, I have created a public repository on GitHub that will act as a directory of work-in-progress and released scripts. If you have any other ideas, please feel free to reply...
  19. J

    DZRevival - Fresh & true DayZ Mod server opened

    We are happy to announce that there is a new, true and fresh DayZ Mod project is up and running for us oldschool DayZ Fans! We teamed up with DayZ Revival, which offers high speed fiber and an optimized dedicated server with anti-hack software. For the best possible performance and a...
  20. NinjaInGreen

    Гайд по настройке сервера 1.8.9 для Linux

    Ребята, есть где-нибудь в природе подобное? Видел гайды по старым версиям, но либо не полные, либо реально устаревшие. Есть дедик, есть желание создать свою песочницу, на Windows VPS не хочу. Закачал содержимое своих папок Arma 2 + Arma 2:OA а сервак, дальше всё весьма туманно.