[EU] Nuketown [Ger/Eng I Modded I Trader I Admins I Events]

We have started new server in dayz Standalone, We are gaming community called Nuketown and we wanted to expand from other survival games to dayz.
A lot still needs to be done, but so far we have heard good feedback from players who have visited our server. We have trader what includes some modded weapons, and more.
We would love to hear feedback from performance of our server so we can improve it, now its 36slots but will be changed when we get active players in.
Customised weapon spawns, modded weapons are more rare than "original" weapons. Zombies will be added according what people votes on that.
And if you have good mod in mind just notify us thru discord (discord will be advertised in game) and we will look into that, we have skipped alot of mods for best Server Performance.


Hope to see some of you guys soon and give us feedback!
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We have upgraded our server Ram, slots still stays as 36 untill we get active people playing our server.
server itself is 80slots but we only have 36 active slots.

Looking into:
-Weapon spawnrate
-Zombie spawnrate
-Zombie spawnradious
-Base supply spawnrate
-Vehicle spawnrate and vehicle part spawnrate.

These will be changed, some will be increased some will be decreased.

Thank you for your feedback and support! hope to see you soon
Small Update

Codelock mod was not working correctly, it has been fixed now
Wolfs were spawning in too much and allso that is fixed.
(allso all above what was "looking into" is changed)

Added some weapons and cars to trader.
added mod less base damage and removed "disablebasedestruction" so raiding is now a thing in server. allso added few more mods for better experience in dayz. (remove $UNT$ mod and bullet stack for example)