1. D

    The Last SurvivorZ EU | 1PP | Expansion | Vehicles | Traders |

    Play style: PvP/PvE Map: chernarus Info: The Last SurvivorZ is a pvp/pve style server where all players are welcomed. We encourage interactions between players and welcome all player feedback, we are fairly new and are planning to be one of a kind server that’s not just a loot and shoot like...
  2. forrestgump


  3. KevDsn

    Archon - PvE & PvP DeerIsle & Chernarus- PC | DISCORD | Loot | Hunt | Drugs | Helis | Missions | Hordes | BBP | Many mods | Helpful admins

    SERVER IP: - PvE Chernarus SERVER IP: - PvE DeerIsle SERVER IP: - PvP Chernarus DISCORD: Forum: Now on a fully dedicated high spec server Having played on many DayZ servers...
  4. A

    English Losers

    "English Losers". PVP / Helis / Custom gear / weapons / traders/ BBP SYSTEM: PC English Losers Server trailer: View: Discord: Welcome, the EL Server is one that forces the forces of...

    SHTF - Can you Survive (PS4/5-Chernarus-PvP-Hardcore Survival

    SHTF - Can you Survive (PS4/5-Chernarus-PvP-Hardcore Survival) If you think you have what it takes click here: - Hardcore Survival - 24/7 PvP - Increased zombies across map. -Hugely reduced loot (making base raiding very difficult). -Experienced...
  6. Infrasonic

    BLissZ #1 PvE/PvP | AI | Hunt | Loot | Custom Zones | Weapons ✨

    Hello people, Would like to invite you to a new PVE/PVP server with some twists and turns in the good sense. The server is mainly intented for people who seek the challenging aspects of a PvE server combined with a big dynamic PvP zone that changes every day. It is also...
  7. T

    [PC] The Ravagers |200k Start|Trader|Loot ++|Guns +| Bounty|KingOfTheHill|ClanBanking|Leaderboards

    We are a new and fast growing DayZ community. We're looking for dedicated players to call our server home. What we offer: - Custom Balota Airstrip! - Custom NEAF Airstrip - Black Market - Drug Trader - King of the Hill - More Weapons - 24/7 Discord support We just opened a new Chernarus...
  8. W

    EuropeZ - New server out now! Join the community!

    Join our new server! we have active admins and a lot of mods! join our discord if you have any questions and to keep up to date with the server changes. SERVER MODS: 15k starter money Trader SchanaModCompass SIX-DayZ-Auto-Run MoreFood...
  9. S

    Patriots Paradise - DeerIsle RP/PVP/PVE Balance | PlayerTraders

    Features - Player Controlled Traders - Toxic Zones- Tremendous Loot - New Weapons - New Vehicles - New Clothing - Only Building Rules - PvP Kos Allowed (Recommend RP - Growable Drugs for RP - Standing safely on moving Vehicles - BaseBuildingPlus - Tons of New base items - Bounty Hunting -...
  10. S

    Great server PvE & PvP zone WINTER Forsaken Lands |PvE/PvP| BBP+CARS+WEAPONS+HELIS+EVENTS (CHERNARUS)

    Forsaken Lands |PvE/PvP| BBP+CARS+WEAPONS+HELIS+EVENTS (CHERNARUS) IP - Looking for a server??? Look no further, We have a PvE server with PVP zones, Looking for that classic Dayz survival feeling with added MODS, Custom areas, Custom Traders, Vanilla Building & BBP...
  11. S


    Looking for a server??? Look no further, We have a PvE server with PVP zones, Looking for that classic Dayz Hardcore survival feeling with added MODS, Custom areas, Custom Traders, Vanilla Building, BBP, great community and added vehicles and high tier weapons, Drugs, plus much more please...
  12. S


    [UK] FORSAKEN LANDS Looking for a server??? . (PC) Look no further, if your looking for that classic Dayz Hardcore survival feeling with a few added MODS, Custom areas including NEAF, Toxic zones, Helis plus much more please check out [UK] FORSAKEN LANDS giving you some PVP & PVE Experience...
  13. CaptainMason

    420Gaming | Soldier AI Missions | Expansion Mod | Traders | Custom Mission

    Check out our DayZ servers! Our servers include actual soldier AI missions as well as other side missions around the map to keep yourself busy besides the normal PVP and zombie engagements! US based servers. Join our Teamspeak server! Server IP:
  14. xNomZx

    [SWS] SW Survival|1PP|Hordes|Toxic|Traders|Bases|Squads

    We are a new UK based community, starting out on the DayZ server scene. Collectively we have years of DayZ mod and Vanilla DayZ SA experience basing everything from the original DayZ Origins mod. We are focused on a community based server so any idea is welcome and we want it to be the best it...
  15. HiTex

    NEW DAYZ MODDED SERVER [EU]! State of Death

    Welcome to State of Death A DayZ survivor experience that takes place in our post apocalyptic world. Our State of Death server offers a DayZ experience with everything from must-have mods to improve life quality (no stamina, autorun, ear-plugs etc.) to robbing the national bank of Chernarus...
  16. S

    (NEW) The Walking Z DayZ Server PC

    Hello everyone i have started a new server, we are welcoming new players to join in the fun! some stuff to know about our server! Server Name:The Walking Z | LOOT+++ | ATM | PvP | 5K START | TRADERS | BASE BUILD + This server is a PVP server, we have active admins. heavily modded server where...
  17. M

    WSYG | A2 Guns | 10X LOOT | Airdrop | Balanced Traders | C4 | Bank | BBP | Party | IPP | More Guns | CPB Weapons | More! |

    Welcome to WSYGs DayZ server! WSYG | A2 Guns | 10X LOOT | Airdrop | Balanced Traders | C4 | Bank | BBP | Party | IPP | More Guns | CPB Weapons | More! | We're currently running a fresh wiped DayZ server. We're an experienced admin team of 7. Our goal is to get players to join, and have a very...
  18. L

    [NEW] Land of Anarchy PvP - Modded 04/11/19

    Land of Anarchy ----------------------------------------------------------------- A fresh community looking to grow! The server started on 4 november 2019. The server is aimed to improve the normal way of playing Dayz, with extra guns, armour, clothing and more stuff to do. We are still in the...
  19. M

    Dayz Revelation! |MASS|Weapon Expansion|Raiding|Base Building|Airdrops|+More|

    Come Join Dayz Revelation! We have an awesome friendly community. We are a modded server with 80 slots. We have great staff and mods! Come on in and join! Every player starts with 20k and a free teleport to a location of their choosing! I hope you all come and give our server a try. Server...
  20. L

    DayZ Hardcore Survival Active Admins: The Cul De Sac

    Welcome to The Cul De Sac, High, but Balanced loot, High zombies, Base building and PvP is encouraged, Active Admins, Events, and plenty of good times to be had. Suggestions for the server is open, please feel free to join the server's Discord here: and let us know...