Feedback on 1.1


Overall i think 1.1 is a really good release aside from a few bugs
Things i like:
Gyrocopters are awesome , still a few problems with them , take for e.g the Mozzie Gyrocopter has a gunners seat , when there is only one seat, so two people can get in it , so one person is in the seat and the other person is invisible. The other problem is that it has a HUGE fuel tank (100-200 litres) Even thou the model only shows a small gas can (Less than 20 litres).

An2 - Awesome addition , less practical than the helicopter and fits in really well.
Gutting - This is a like/dislike and i find it semi pointless eating people and zombies, why? Because animals are so common , you can litteraly run through a few fields , find an animal and you have enough food for a few days.

I think animals should be rare and rabbits spawn rate should be the same, so hunting rabbits ( Which is tricky) Is the main way to sustain yourself ( Unless your a cannibal which brings me onto my next point ) whats the point in eating someone and becoming a bandit ,which makes you more likely to get shot which is a massive shame cause its a pritty cool feature, and its suicide to eat zombies and does more harm than good and is very much made obsolete with the quantity of raw meat available from animals.

Weapons- I think weapons are still too common , i dont think its realistic to run into a house and find a rifle lying about ( How many people do you know in countries where owning a rifle is illegal have large rifles lying about in there houses) , i think there should only be pistols / crowbars in residential building and rifles and shotguns are reserved for barns, so people go north searching barns as they go for a semi-decent weapon. Also i think ammo is far too common , i think it needs to be cut down by 50-75% to represent a true shortage of supplies.
Also the lack of variety in weapons is dissapointing as its nice to give players choice and variety , instead of the same old boring weapons over and over again.
(also i think the lee enfield is a overpowered in comparison to shotguns)

Overall i think the mod is making really good progress and is definetely the way dayz should of been from day one.


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Sincere thanks Matty.

I agree on all these points and they will be in the next release.

I will get the fuel cap fixed for the gyro's.

I think for the gutting element, we will lower animal spawns.

For Ammo I am now working on spawning single bullets instead of mags clips. Totally agree on the weapons too, more will be going in for the next release.

Please hang around here, you make some really good contributions which is super helpful.


I agree all excellent suggestions.Just some things as I see it.

The fuel in Dayz goes way too fast.You fill up a cars gas tank and a few minutes later its empty.If gas consumption can be lowered it would make it feel more realistic as right now you constantly have to worry about fueling and detracts from the experience.If you drop the gyrocopter down to 1/5 you will then never be able to just enjoy flying around.

For animal spawns....get rid of cows and sheep and stick with just rabbits and the occasional boar as this seems more realistic.They are not domesticated and hence not gonna stand around while zombies run at them.I would increase the rabbits spawn slightly though as the spawn speed it is right now I doubt will sustain a whole server and hence force too much cannibalism.Also,is there a way to have them spawn only in forests?Makes it more realistic feeling when your not spotting them out in open fields.Rabbits are fine everywhere.

I agree with the bandit skin from eating humans as not being a good thing.Sometimes in a harsh apocalypse we have to do things we do not wanna do.:DI think making dehydration rate increased when you get infected will make it more of a pain then just dropping down to 6K blood.This way the player can actually play into the experience and not lose any blood if they are very careful with traveling around and water sources.

Another thing I would love to see is antibiotics spawn in supermarkets.Someone posted awhile back that in Russia the local supermarkets are also the local pharmacies.Just keep same spawn as in hospitals but add this to the supermarkets.Considering I never found any antibiotics ever.....I think it would be ok.:rolleyes:

And finally...whew.....I posted this before but it goes unseen.I think that the default speed that the player runs at is perfect and Dayz seems to fast.Going so fast makes the world seem smaller as its so easy to get from one point to another on map just by foot.Slower speeds will force people to actually need vehicles.


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Goats should stick around, too, as they can be feral. I should add that, at night, it is really difficult to find an animal. That's the only reason I gutted a zombie - because I was starving and it was too dark to see where an animal was. But, I agree that, perhaps cows and sheep should go. The fewer meat you can get from an animal, the better for the experience anyway.

Having the bandit skin from eating humans and zombies is, in my opinion, fundamental to the game. Part of what this game (and the humanity feature in particular) is about is what you will do to survive... what decisions would you make - how far from civilized would you go. It's one thing to kill a guy to take his gear, it takes it to another level of inhumanity to kill them as food. If it were possible, I'd love to see a completely different, slightly deranged skin for people who eat other people.

I will say, I did not eat that zombie flesh... I just couldn't. After gutting it, I was so disturbed, I let my food icon flash until I found an animal - and that's what it's about. Doing something like that changes you, and right now, the bandit skin is really the only way to reflect that. It's funny that people don't mind getting the bandit skin when it's simply for killing, but when it's for eating people... suddenly, it's a bad idea.

I don't know how much of a humanity hit you take from eating players, but maybe it should be much less than if you kill a player. That way, if you simply eat the guy who you found on the side of the road, it's not going to make you a bandit right away, but if you shoot the guy and eat him, that's something else. And, is there a humanity hit for eating zeds? I think there should be, but it should be low... the sickness thing would balance that out.

Eating zombie flesh is not suicidal if you have antibiotics. I'd say keep it in. People know they run the risk of getting sick, but if they're by themselves and there's no animals around... they just might risk it.

And, I think it's a bit hyperbolic to say that the fuel goes too fast. It's about facilitating gameplay - which involves potential interaction with either zombies and/or players. It's dangerous to have to stop and refuel. Since there are no anti-material weapons in 2017, no satchel charges, no way (apart from wrecking them) to destroy a vehicle, the only way to really ambush a vehicle is when it stops. If anything, I think it should go faster in 2017. Fuel degrades over time and becomes less effective.

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I absolutely love the DayZ 2017 concept. That being said, the only thing which others have stated before is how common shotguns and rifles are. What would be interesting is a higher prevalence of handguns and a variety of them. It would be much more exciting engaging in a gunfight where a shot or two wouldn't instantly kill you. I just imagine a a couple groups engaging with pistols and then being a block or so away and hearing a barrage of shots going off.

Also, is there anyway to break down civilian clothing into bandages? Maybe make them un sanitized bandages that you can use with a small chance of infection? I was bleeding and of course didn't start with a bandage and was like 'Why can't I rip off my sleeve and wrap it around my wound?'

Thanks! Keep up the great work!

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Also, I might get some flack for this with recent events and it might not be appropriate but seeing as The Walking Dead and Resident Evil did it and you implemented cannabalism. I think if you were able to and were okay with it, to introduce zombies kids. I would freak out seeing a small fast child zombie chasing me through Electro. Of course this comes with alot of consequences but then again this is a video game and again, The Walkig Dead and Resident Evil has shown in the public media zombie children being dealt with. Just suggestion! I hope I don't get nailed for this one.

You can even make it so you get negative humanity for killing zombie children, that way players have to be like 'oh man a zombie's fast, deadly - but still a child.' So instead of ending its existence, you have to be stealthy around them or just run away?


LOL Entspeak,I still have infected flesh in my backpack as just the look of it is sickening.Great job they did on the icon for it!And agreed about the goats.As for fuel...maybe I just need to find some more vehicles to give any input.Found a bus today and filled it up and the fuel lasted a good while.Definitely agree with the need to lower weapons and ammo as I have no reason to enter the small towns anymore.When you first start out every town is important and then your pack is overloaded with ammo and you lose that drive.


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I noticed the cows and maybe other animals are giving their old meat amounts.

Killed a cow and gutted it, 8 meat. I think it was 3 in 1.0.

You may be able to leave all the animals in, just lower the spawn rate again and make them have 1 steak each or something :p

Also, I'm not sure if it was intentional or not, but empty cans are useless now. You "shoot" them like you would throw a flare, but they don't distract zombies at all. You used to throw them with the same flare animation and the zombies would hear it land. They don't seem to hear it anymore. Also, when you try to throw your last can, you always fire your weapon. So if you have an enfield on, you fire that while throwing your last can, which kinda sucks if you're in a town :)

Basically all the tin cans around serve no purpose at all anymore, besides spawning in to be cleared out by people if they are the loot cycling type.

I'm personally not a big fan of the new tent skin. It's just a plain white canvas :(
Any plans to add different tent skins?


Love it,eating players is a freaking great addition!!I only hunt rabbits and find that I had to eat a player once or twice;) to survive.Rabbit spawn rate was better for this in 1.0.But the ability to eat infected just removes any survival feel to the mod.I find I get infection just by getting attacked by the zeds so getting infected from actually eating the infected is no issue and being infected is not hard anyway.So now with a food source numbering in the hundreds its a joke to survive.

As for the ammo to be spawning in reduced clip sizes,I would rather find very rare spawns of a good amount of full clips.Just finding bullets everywhere seems to remove the "already scanvenged" feel the 2017 is going for.With rare spawns of good amounts of ammo though I think it would feel better.