File z\addons\dayz_server\DZAI\scripts\setup_locations.sqf, line 65


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Have this error in my RPT file. I have compared the Github file to the one I have installed and there is no difference at all. Any help would be much appreciated.


If you could provide the error text that would be most helpful. The subject line isn't enough to go on.


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My apologies:

Error in expression <rkers) == 0) && {({(_placePos distance (getMarkerPos _x)) < ((getMarkerSize _x) >
Error position: <getMarkerPos _x)) < ((getMarkerSize _x) >
Error getmarkerpos: Type Array, expected String


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I would bet that the error is not actually in that file but is in a file that passes config settings into that file.
the getmarkerpos function takes a "string" which is the name of a marker such as "center" and returns worldspace coordinates. So instead of supplying it with a "marker_name" string, you are supplying it with an Array [1000,4000,5]
hence the error getmarkerpos: type Array, expected string.

So in your dzai is there a config file where you define ai positions using marker names? Which you have accidentially inserted worldspace coordinates instead?


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Here is one of the few config files your talking about. What do you think?

Chernarus static spawn configuration

Last updated: 3:37 PM 12/24/2013


#include "spawn_markers\markers_chernarus.sqf" //Load manual spawn point definitions file.

waitUntil {sleep 0.1; !isNil "DZAI_classnamesVerified"}; //Wait for DZAI to finish verifying classname arrays or finish building classname arrays if verification is disabled.

if (DZAI_staticAI) then {
#include "spawn_areas\areas_chernarus.sqf" //Load spawn area definitions file.

//marker name, [minimum AI, max additional AI], [markers for manual spawn points] (leave as empty array to use nearby buildings as spawn points), equipType (optional, required if number of AI groups is defined), number of AI groups (optional)
["DZAI_BalotaAirstrip",[1,1],['Balota3'],1] call DZAI_static_spawn;
["DZAI_Cherno3",[1,1],[],0] call DZAI_static_spawn;
["DZAI_Elektro2",[1,2],[],1] call DZAI_static_spawn;
["DZAI_Skalisty",[0,1],['Skalisty1','Skalisty2','Skalisty3'],1] call DZAI_static_spawn;

["DZAI_Berezino3",[2,1],[],1] call DZAI_static_spawn;

//["DZAI_GreenMountain",[0,3],[],2] call DZAI_static_spawn;
//["DZAI_StarySobor",[2,0],[],2,2] call DZAI_static_spawn; //Recommended to remove for Epoch servers
["DZAI_NWAF3",[3,0],[],3] call DZAI_static_spawn;


#include "custom_markers\cust_markers_chernarus.sqf"
#include "custom_spawns\cust_spawns_chernarus.sqf"
//----------------------------Do not edit anything below this line -----------------------------------------
DZAI_customSpawnsReady = true;
diag_log "Chernarus static spawn configuration loaded.";

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I would recommend going through the installation steps again to see if you missed a line of code somewhere or misplaced a line of code.