Fill bottles from pumps ?

Hello :)

I've added some extra pumps to config.cpp but still cannot fill water bottles from pumps in Chernarus.
Any idea what else I need to do in order to make this one work?

Any help is much appreciated :)

    class WaterSource
        name = "Water tanks, barrels, coolers or pumps";
        models[] =  
Sorry dude, its for Exile. The mod allows you to fill bottles from those sources on altis..
I added the
I browsed all the files. I have an Exile server.
It looks like that is all you should have had to do and that looks correct. if there is an error in that array it might fail. Are you sure those are the correct classnames from the CUP files?
Do you have the CUP installed on teh server and your client?
Thanks for taking a look :)

I am not sure that these are the classnames, I got them from the Editor though.
I assume the "Land_Pumpa", is correct though as I used infistar to bring up the 'delete object' on the server and it returned that classname for it in order for me to confirm deleting it.

Head scratching stuff me-thinks o_O
I run a linux server and its in the logs folder .. name log

You would be looking for an error in config.cpp about those classnames. or when you go to one of the new ones and try to craft the water.
You CAN fill water bottles at the standard water sources, correct?