[FIXED] Self Bloodbag + Auto Refuel

Since 1.7.7 came out you tried to use Krixes - Self Bloodbag Script and Auto Refuel, but you probably did not read everything on that page. Now you might find yourself having issue with using Jerry Cans. The download on his page is using pre 1.7.7 scripts and does not have the updated names for the 20L Jerry Can and the 5L Jerry Can.

This is for standard Chernarus only. It is not tested with anything else.

Here is the updated script for Self Bloodbag. This alone will fix Jerry Cans.

Here are the files for the self bloodbag script:

Follow the install instructions there.

NOTE: This is just a fix for Self Bloodbags that is causing the Jerry Cans not to work because of the fn_selfActions.sqf file. If you still can not use Jerry Cans you will need to look at your other scripts and make sure if any of them talk about Jerry Cans, EVEN if they have nothing to do with them (I.E. Self Bloodbag) check to see if they have the lines below.

These are the lines you MIGHT want to look for in other scripts:

_hasFuelE20 = "ItemJerrycanEmpty" in magazines player;
_hasFuelE5 = "ItemFuelcanEmpty" in magazines player;

These are the new names as of 1.7.7 for the 2 Jerry Cans

If you only see:

_hasFuelE = "ItemJerrycanEmpty" in magazines player;

Then you have the out of date version of the file.
No I don't. If u go in your client days folder and look for dayz_code.pbo unpack that and the fn_selfActions.sqf is in there.

Once u get that file follow the Preexisting steps on my github page. It SHOULD work. Just make sure u have 1.7.7 client installed first.
Make sure you edit all the files with the folder info indicated by YOURFOLDER. You must point them to the right spot in both Refuel and Self-Bloodbag
its a great script. everything comes up fine and i have the option. however, when i go to pull the trigger im getting BE script restriction #40. if anyone has info. plz let me know, it would be much appreciated.
cant access the GitHub...are the instructions posted somewhere else for this? I am still running and would like to add self-blood bag and auto refuel asap.