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I collect games here and there and offer them (steam keys and origin keys mostly) on my website to registered members. Humble bundle, steam sales .. I hate to see a deal not get used as I know somewhere, there is someone who would want that game. Some of the games are older, some are indie games, some are commercial games. I am always posting more games and I actually have more available than I have listed on the site but haven't gotten around to posting them.

Completely, totally free. I have a forum post with links to the page where you can retrieve your steam key. These games MUST be redeemed by September 29th
The forum post with the links to the keys
The game info on the Steam page including video.
What I ask is that you leave a comment in the homepages shoutbox or create an account and reply to the thread so we know which keys have been used. Let us know which key you used so we can cross that one off.
I will post here when I add a new game. I already have about a dozen copies of next weeks free game . Just have to pass this game out first.
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Humble Bundle is having a good deal this week. Get one copy of insurgency and get 3 more to give away ...
I realize most people are here for Dayz, but if you have been exposed to Arma and the realism then this game might appeal to you. I have 8 copies I can give away if anyone I know wants one.

i have 5 or 6 copies of Insurgency to give away. the steam keys MUST be redeemed by 11am PST on dec 9th.
i will post the keys here in a few hours

Insurgency - A True Tactical Shooter:
here is one link that can be used by 3 people

Can be used 3 times

can be used twice

can be used 3 times

can be used 3 times

Just so you can see what is going on here, I bought some Humble Bundle packages where I got one copy of Insurgency and it had 3 extra copies to give away. So I bought this bundle 4 times .. and have been trying to give this game away for a month now .. and its a GREAT game!

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