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I want to make sure you understand what you are trying to do here. Scripts are added into your dayz_server.pbo and your mission.pbo and do not require signatures. They are automatically used by your server and players.
If you want to ADD a pbo for some new weapon, vehicle etc into your server then you are actually creating a "Custom Mod" and all players will have to download your custom mod files just like you went and downloaded dayz, epoch, overwatch or origins files from dayz commander, playwithsix or a website before you could play that mod.

But here is what you asked for .. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=2065
Either way, you can avoid signatures by disabling them in your server.cfg
Keep in mind that I have never created keys before and therefore this was the first time and while it seemed to work as it should, there could be a mistake or I may provide incorrect information. Hopefully someone will correct any mistakes I made.
Here is the link at Armaholic to download the DSUTILS 2 which includes

We will be using dscreatekey.exe and dssignfile.exe
  1. Download the files and place them in a folder in your c: drive (or wherever you can easily find them using the command prompt .. its your choice)
  2. Copy the customaddon.pbo files you have created and want to sign into this folder.
  3. Open a command prompt and CD to the folder with our dsutils2 files in it.
  4. Create a key with a special tag that nobody else uses and at the commad prompt type:
    dscreatekey myspecialtag
    This creates a file myspecialtag.biprivatekey
  5. Now we sign our pbo with the privatekey
    dssignfile myspecialtag.biprivatekey customaddon.pbo
    this creates your customaddon.pbo.myspecialtag.bisign that you will distribute with your pbo

You may ask, "why make a howto video if I don't know HOWTO?"

Because it seems rather straightforward to me and I have read the howto's and am just relaying the information. And because I was asked to ... :)
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