[Help Needed] (1.8.3) Editing the Damage from the M107 ?


Hey guys,

Is it possible to edit the damage done by the M107, currently is does '0' damage per hit.
How could it be done?

Thanks :)


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I don't use 1.8.3 but if its just like epoch there's nothing I can see that handles damage for the guns, I think this is handled by the game not the mod, I might be wrong maybe Google can help you find something.


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class CfgAmmo {
    class BulletBase;
    class B_127x99_Ball: BulletBase {
        airfriction = -0.00068;
        airlock = 1;
        audiblefire = 22;
        caliber = 2.07;
        cartridge = "FxCartridge_127";
        cost = 20;
        hit = 0; //26
        indirecthit = 0;
        indirecthitrange = 0;
        model = "\ca\Weapons\Data\bullettracer\tracer_red";
        tracerendtime = 2.3;
        tracerscale = 1.5;
        tracerstarttime = 0.1;
        visiblefire = 22;
        visiblefiretime = 3;
You see the hit = 0; where the damage has been disabled.

That file is loaded in config.cpp
#include "Configs\CfgAmmo.hpp"

and config.cpp is not accessible to the mission file. So if you were to do a custom mod you can edit that file and have everyone download your custom dayz.code.pbo