Help Needed Please

Hi Guys And Gals

Trell here.

I am looking for some advice on adding scripts to the server.

I seam to have problems with understanding the things you guys discuss as i have no clue to be honest.

The server i have set up is an overpoch panthera. With Villayer.

I have a list of stuff i have seen on other servers that i would like to add to mine.

Single Currency.
Slow Zeds,
Roaming AI
AI Missions.
Tow and Lift Vehicles.

If some one could possible spare me some time i would be greatful.

Kindest Regards Trell
( Thanks In Advance )
if you have no clue about scripting you need to understand what you are looking at. so disect a basic script like deploybike or suicide and follow along line by line looking each one up. then you,will,soon be able to do your own work and ask for help when you get stuck on a specific problem.

good tutorials, covers a lot. a MUST read is the one on variables and arrays.

and all the commands, most with examples