[How-To] Customize the Starting Gear/Loadout (no custom dayz_code req.)

Chris Atkins

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Lol....the most valuable, and on your server, most useless item! Trollololol!

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not sure if you figured this out or not but it sounds to me like your PBO tool is deleting your prefix when your dayz_server.pbo. You can probably verify this by looking in your RPT and seeing if you get any errors related to any of the files found within the server PBO. Follow the steps in the link Ive provided and profit.

Thank you so very much man! Can't express how grateful I am! Turns out my PBO tool was removing the prefix xD


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There might be an easier way around this by just using database tables. I know in bliss you can set default loadouts, tied to a loadout id, and then assign that loadout id to each playerUID that is to get the custom loadout.

With Pwonzor's pack, the database is diferent..... I haven't yet messed around to see if there's a simular functionality, but I would imagine it's possible to wire something together for it to work (by just using database tables).
Just did it go to you @hive then addons there is your mission.pbo ;)


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what does your RPT say? What kind of errors are you getting?
It says nothing just kicks me back to lobby when the loading is done

(I fixed it i forgot at the end ; lol because i thought that the item generator would do that for me but there is a wired thing going on when i added the loadout it doesn't show hen you join the kb like 1200 kb and it loads but it works and server runs fine) This is my load out
[["M9","ItemKnife","ItemToolbox","ItemHatchet","ItemGPS","ItemMap","ItemWatch","NVGoggles","Binocular","ItemMatchbox"],["ItemBandage","ItemBandage","15Rnd_9x19_M9","15Rnd_9x19_M9","15Rnd_9x19_M9","ItemPainkiller","ItemAntibiotic","ItemMorphine","FoodCanBakedBeans","ItemSodaPepsi","ItemSodaCoke","FoodCanPasta","Skin_Soldier1_DZ"]]; (I forgot the ; like i said)