[How-to] Spawn and test all non-banned vehicles


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Hey guys

This is an old guide and probably outdated now. I don't own a server anymore so am no longer in touch with the current db structures and general coding used in order to keep this updated. Perhaps someone still in the loop can help you, but I'm afraid that's not me anymore


Much thanks to OP. I had to tweek a few things, including adding a damage column, and address some of the issues with vehicles spawning on top of each other. This is what we call "Crazy Tokarev's Used Vehicle Lot". lol. It is tested and I KNOW IT WORKS. I'm kind of a newb to this, so there may be a better way, but this way WORKS.

Start your server.
Open Navicat (the program I used. I know NOTHING about other apps).
Open object data.
Under file, hit Query Table. Delete the line that shows up. Paste the txt from the link below. Run it.
REFRESH you object data. All of the new vehicles will show up. I started the unique IDs at 19000 to give plenty of room for other things.
I found out you have to change a value on the vehicles and save the data or they disappear. I changed all the fuel to .99, then saved the file.
It sounds like a pain, but only takes a few minutes. Just copy .99 and paste them all in.

Restart your server and refresh your object data. They should all be there.

I kept getting a message about content being deleted from dayz.vehicle, just hit OK and keep moving. It will work. (Actually if you don't see that message, you know something is wrong and it won't work.)
Use caution piloting some of the helis out. They are very close together.

Again, thanks to Doc for doing the hard work on this one.

Here is the link to the text: