infiSTAR AntiHack/Admin Tool install, need help

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Hoping someone can help and maybe infiSTAR himself can chime in.

I'm running a DayZ Epoch server (info in sig) with the latest update of Epoch and trying to install the infiSTAR AntiHack tool.

So I purchased the AntiHack for $40 and installed the files as per the installation instructions. Moded my dayZ_server.pbo to include the necesary .sqf file and the include line, used the provided battleeyefilters filters (which looked the same as the ones I already had), uploaded the modified dayz_server.pbo, then uploaded the dll and admin.sqf files to the root directory (after adding my Player ID to the super admins.

So now, when I log into my server and hit F2, the default key for upening the antihack tool, It simply opens up the ingame command and response, this comes up the same for 1-9 as well as F1-F10. Has anyone else had this problem or know anything about installing this AntiHack?

More info:

This is hosted on HFBservers and I've got a new problem, YAY!

In my root directory I have

all three of these have a /addons/dayz_server.pbo. So which one of these is the one that needs to be edited?
Huzzah! Thanks to all that replied either here or by PM, but through trial and error I managed to muddle my way through and got the tool working. Basically it looks like I did 2 things wrong. The "include "AH.sqf"" that needed to be put in the pbo file I forgot to keep the # and I pulled the dayz_server.pbo out of @Hive, moddified it, then put it into @dayz_Epoch_server. So I reverted both to default (thank god for backups!) then tried each one at a time. It didn't work with @Hive, in fact, when I did it with the @Hive for some reason when anyone loaded in they just went to an open world with no buildings, vehicles or anything, just rolling hills. Then it would kick them out. So I tried again following all instructions but using the files from @dayz_Epoch_server and when I loaded up IT WORKED!

I did change the key to ` instead of F2 since F2 was giving me a command already in the game and ` wasn't. I also activated the debug menu on the scroll wheel. And i've noticed that the debug menu and the pause menu both have a blurb saying "" on them now. I vaguely recall somewhere in the AH.sqf that you could change this text, so I'm going to try that, but does anyone know if this will fix both or just one?

Thanks again everyone, and don't forget to come check out the server!

This is where I bought the anti-hack. I've talked to infiSTAR and verified this is one of his main sites (the code is out there in a few illegitimate places, but they're usually very outdated versions). I was a bit skeptical about spending $40 at first but after using it for a bit, its entirely worth it. Once properly installed, you're one button and a click away from spectating a suspected hacker, or a few clicks away from spawning full size buildings from the game, any vehicle in the game (and some that don't spawn normally like tanks), giving yourself or a player items and weapons and more. Very easily you can restore health to victims and punish, clear the inventory, break legs, and more of hackers. You can even take control of other people.

Not only that but as an admin you'll receive onscreen alerts when a hacker teleports or creates weapons (haven't tested the weapons one, but I have seen the alert for teleporting).
Is there any ways you would help me out getting it updated and installed?
- Last time i tried to install a antihack/hack *as admin tool* i just ended up in the *debug place*
No problem, I've had to mess with mine about a dozen times now trying to figure it out and I've got a better hang of it now. First you'll have to buy it through the link I provided above, then you'll get an email with a download link to get the files. The instructions are pretty straight forward but I can help out when you get stuck. I'll try to get on skype tonight and add you walk you through the basics of getting it working. I'd help now but stuck at work.

Where are you hosting your server? what company? or is this a personal server?
Do you have FTP access to edit files?
Add me on skype and ill give you teamviewer Access so you can modify the files ;)
(Already bought the files :p)
- I THINK all I'm missing now is to replace the battleye filter or something, which i have no clue where are..

Well add me on skype > CrixzGamez
I completely forgot about helping you yesturday, my bust, I've set an alarm on my phone to remind me to get on skype and add you to help out tonight.

Please forgive me! :)
I have an issue with this same AH, all I need to do is change a true to false, but vilayer is hiding the code on me The only thing in my AH folder is the config file.

Sucks that code that is FREE has more support than the stuff we PAY for.
Actually, infiSTAR actually offered to configure all the files for me when I emailed him. But I spent all night messing with it until it worked so by the time he had replied to me and made the offer I already had it working.

What file do you need to change? Maybe I can help you find it.
Not sure, but it says this,

if (typeOf _x == 'Foodbox0') then
                                    _x hideObject true;
                                    if (!isNull (findDisplay 106)) then {(findDisplay 106) closeDisplay 0;};
                                if ((_CntSum > 140) || (_cnt > 500) || (_cntpitems > 140)) then
                                    _x hideObject true;
and I need them to say hideObject false;

basically its hiding spawned in admin boxes from other players, I want them to be able to use them when I give them up. New server and I want to establish it fast.
CrixzGamez, I added you in skype, let me know if you still need help.

Stephen, that line is in your AH.sqf file, I just searched min for the first line and found it pretty quick. Should be able to open AH.sqf in notepad to edit it.
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