Infistar AntiHack Errors

Recently acquired a overpoch server from survivalservers and it has been nothing but trouble. Error after error. I managed to fix them all but there is one i cannot get passed.

12:30:32 " AntiHack - Waiting for bis_fnc_init..."
12:30:32 " AntiHack - bis_fnc_init done - STARTING!"
12:30:32 " AntiHack - AntiHack Loading..."
12:30:32 Error in expression <emove do
_dayzActions = "+_dayzActions+";
if !(_i in _dayz>
12:30:32 Error position: <+_dayzActions+";
if !(_i in _dayz>
12:30:32 Error Generic error in expression

I have looked through all AntiHack files and cannot seem to find where this error is coming from.
(Full RTP )