Info About DayZ San Andreas


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So i finally decided to give this a go as when i saw theC1aw playing it a while back i was quite intrigued by it.

Its a Mod for the popular Multi Theft Auto MP Platform for GTA: San Andreas and tries to replicate the DayZ Mod.

More info on it here:

Installation is pretty simple, just go buy Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (5 USD on Steam!) and install Mult-Theft Auto from here: . once you have that all setup just go here to download the MTA: DayZ modifaction from here: (you may have to make an account if you havent already.) once you have that download, just make a folder in your MTA Mods Directory (mine is C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.3\mods) called "MTADayZMap" and extract the files you download before into there so it looks something like this:

Then all you have to do is launch Multi Theft Auto via the desktop icon that was made when you installed MTA.

i will eventually make these instructions more extensive but atm i have not even played much myself yet :p

Cheers, Stapo.