Insane lag compared to all other versions of DayZ?


So i joined pwnzors server, good stuff this mod, you guys did great.
But it seemed my fps got lowered by at least 10-15, compared to all other DayZ mods. Tried several setting changes and it got very ugly, but no fps change.
Im not sure if im the only one experiencing this, but it made the game unplayable.

It would be a shame if only people with killer computers can run this mod.

My specs:
i3 3rd gen 2,4ghz
8gb ddr3 ram 1800mhz
nvidia gt635m

I know the cpu is far from good enough, but i can run all other DayZ mods with at least 25 fps, its just not possible with DayZ i44 :/


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There is currently a issue with CBA which causes the lag, i am working on a fix to bring back everyones FPS.


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I don't use dayz commander or six updater. In order to get everything working with no errors for both my server and client, I had to use all three CBA files instead of the single CBA_CO file. Not sure if the single CBA_CO file is causing your FPS issue or not.

Anyway, if nothing else, I thought this info. might be of use to other manual installers out there.


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just got this running on my server but it seems so laggy/studder compared to other mods//

how do I go about fixing this