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that doesnt have the actual client files. What addons did celle use ? I downloaded from this post and downloaded the 97MB file 1.8 file
And then in the 1.9 update it contained a smaller version of community_assets and a few other edits. And of course it needs the map files
So to update to current version of dayz, we need to know what changes were made in these files .. so we need to know what version of dayz this is built off of to compare.
this post points to a changelog, but the site is "down" so I am going to assume its dayz 1.76
diff results
These files are different. NOT MANY! So should be able to update these.

And these are the files that are unique to Celle

and then on this post is something about dayz_conflicts .. .. no idea what this is about .. and while I am here.
Let me just say that anyone who uploads ANYTHING to mediafire should have their balls dipped in honey and then staked out naked in front of winnie the poohs house. I hate that friggin site.
What exactly is special about this mod that we cant easily port into Overpoch with the celle map? I think that would be a lot easier than updating the files.
Oh, yeah. I had a simpler plan. Run overpoch with celle map :D as far as I could see, Celle sucked hairy goat balls and wasnt worth its own mod :p
I did see some videos of epidemic and some of its features were improvements over dayz. I am sure I saw a video of mounting found sights onto weapons like in Arma3. And the inventory looked much better, unless I am thinking of another mod .. I cant find that video at the moment.


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Yeah, the ASC weapon addons. I had them working in Epoch Celle but was getting a recurring error in my client RPT to do with the ASC core file, so removed them. Pity, was a cool little addon.