Last Hour | Authentic Vanilla survival PVP / PVE | Active Admins


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This new fresh 50 slot server offers a vanilla experience with just a few quality of life mods. New players, veteran players all are welcome!

Server name:
Last Hour | Authentic Vanilla survival PVP/PVE | Active Admins

Runs with vanilla loot, building, raiding settings etc.
You spawn in as a fresh bambi with one rag and one piece of fruit, then you have to survive on your own. Food can be scarce in an apocalyptic world..
(This is a PC server)

You can also find the server on DZSA launcher.
GLHF and hope to see you there!

Here is a link to the discord to check out rules and announcements etc!
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The server is currently low pop and is perfect for newer players. We usually sit and chill, just hangout in discord while we play.
If this sounds interesting, you are more than welcome to come join us! We are looking to expand our community!