1. Proximity77

    [REDACTED] |Vanilla|1PP|Build Anywhere|Admins|Wiped 01.01|

    New to DayZ? Tired of dealing with hackers on Official? Don't want to download a bunch of mods? [REDACTED] Vanilla might be the server for you! Come visit and become part of the growing community. Chernarus Map Address: Server version: 1.19.155542 Required game version...
  2. G

    New Server: DayZ EU Vanilla TakistanPlus Only No Bases Only No Bases Server

    Hi all! Just made a server on TakistanPlus if anyone interested, tried to make it like the vanilla DayZ experience but with the expansion mod and few new weapons/armor to spice it up. No base building but does have a trader zone. Essentially classic just spawn with nothing loot up get gear, then...
  3. armrarr

    Server name: [EU] Vanilla+ Vibes |LOOTx2!|Party!|NoStamina!|Map!|

    Vanilla+ Vibes is an community created by 3. Here we aim to provide a mostly Vanilla and friendly experience for new and old players! It is important to us that we are fully transparent with our players! A few quality of life mods that just improve your experience: - Autorun! - Earplugs Mod -...
  4. forrestgump


    **WELCOME TO FRESHSPAWNS 0.62 DAYZ EDITION** **This server aims to be as close to 0.62 legacy DayZ as it can be. (as far as it will take us)** **OLD DAYZ / 0.62** Atlas Bipod - Reduces sway when deployed - **(M4/AK/MOSIN)** Mosin Scope - **(Old Long range scope)** Damaged Scopes - **(Cracked...
  5. E

    Eaten Alive PS4/PS5 Dayz Server

    Eaten Alive is a new server on PS4/PS4. Running smooth as silk, even on PS4. We are looking for new active players to join our server and help us grow our community. Eaten Alive is no walk in the park with zombie hordes and bear herds even the most experienced Dayz player will find survival...
  6. M

    [PC] *NEW* Gen Apocalypse 31 | DeerIsle | 50kStart | Boosted Loot++ | Mods+ | Helis |Vehicles | & more

    # Welcome to Gen Apocalypse 31 ! # About us: = We are still a pretty NEW server = This server has been worked on alot for about 2 months but we opened up in late september! The playstyle here is to spend some time on the server. For example grinding, setting up bases & more... Wiping is...
  7. P

    Plague | Extra Loot | PvP + PvE

    Server name: Plague | Extra Loot | PvP + PvE Address: ★ High Loot ★ PvP + PvE ★ Quality of Life Mods ★ Vanilla-Style ★ Active, Helpful Admins ★ Better Starter Kit ★ Unlimited Stamina ★ In-game Mini-map ★ In-game and Discord Kill-Feed
  8. F

    Last Hour , growing community!

    Last Hour community welcomes you! We are an adult community and we have people looking for a group on our servers. We currently run 2 servers. One Chernarus map and the other Namalsk with lots of fun toys for all to enjoy. Server name: Last Hour #1...
  9. KubaK

    DayZ DeadLand - New Server Just for You

    I just made a server which is fresh and ready for suggestions what could be inside this server to make your gameplay nice. I have couple mods which are improving some gameplay, but server is still like vanilla, no traders, no unlimited stamina mod, map is included but only works when you have...
  10. Vindict6

    [WAR LOOT]Vin6's Bubonic Hellscape

    Server with loot balanced towards PVP and vehicles, Slow days and short nights, vanilla. NO WIPES--Stock up. Looking for a challenge, so send your best. --Vin6
  11. S

    FORSAKEN LANDS (New Server Hardcore Vanilla style with minimal added MODS) PVP & PVE Zones

    Hello Everyone, just thought I would drop by, a server that is Fresh and near complete if your looking for that classic Dayz Hardcore survival feeling with a few minimal extra added MODS please check out [UK] Forsaken Lands giving you some PVP & PVE Experience , PvP zone North of the river, PvE...
  12. Z

    DaylightZ No Night - US-East|Traders|Guns+|Loot+|

    Hey everyone, just wanted to make a quick post about our new DayZ SA server that is now up and running. Currently we have it setup with a 3 hour day cycle with 1 hour of dusk (never goes completely dark). Feel free to come check it out. Hoping to start a great community of dedicated players...
  13. Kovicson

    [UK/EU][RS] Rising Sun DayZ | PvP | High Loot x50!! | x15 Heli | No-Stamina | Loadouts

    [UK/EU][RS] Rising Sun DayZ | PvP | High Loot x50!! | x15 Heli | No-Stamina | Loadouts Community brought back from Arma 2 DayZ Mod! Server name - [EU] RSDAYZ| HIGH LOOT!| PvP/PvE| DISCORD.GG/GJWMtQe| N0 MODS IP - Filter for [RS] in community servers Features - No...
  14. N

    How to add grouping to DayZ vanilla

    I need help figuring out how to add radio grouping to my server
  15. B

    Dayz vanilla spawn gear and ai missions

    Been looking for 2 days now on how to edit spawn gear but simply wont work cuz it is vanilla and not epoch. Can anyone lead me in the right direction? Also im looking for missions to add and cant seem to find any out there. Thanks -bill
  16. Microb

    Server loading if no players.

    Hello. I don't know if it's related to scripting but anyway. I've noticed that servers are not showing up in server lists if there are no players inside, so there is a problem-after my dayz servers restarts people can't get inside until I or somebody else using side programs to connect or using...