Links to all DZAI guides

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  1. DZAI Installation Guide:
    • In this guide, I show how I installed DZAI into DayZ Epoch This guide also applies to DayZ mods other than Epoch.
  2. What to do before asking for help - a self-help guide:
    • In this guide, I explain what steps you should take when you encounter any problem with DZAI. Reading and understanding this guide help you gather the information necessary for you to put together a well-formed help request that will allow me and other people to better help you.
  3. Where all of DZAI's settings are located:
    • This guide explains how DZAI's config files are organized. If you're wondering where you can edit AI skins, loot items this guide will help you.
  4. What is global_classnames.sqf and why it's important:
    • This guide focuses on DZAI's primary/secondary classname config file layout.
  5. How to deal with AI helicopters:
    • Due to user feedback about frustration with AI helicopters, I have put together this guide to help you defend yourself and also take down AI helicopters based on my experiences.
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